Does Mariota suck? (the last and final Mariota thread ever needed!)

Does Mariota suck?  

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  1. 1. Does Mariota suck?

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He’s a good QB. He’s inconsistent and the injuries keep mounting. He’s no good to us on the sidelines or coming out of the game once every 3 games. I think if he can stay healthy and get some consistency in the same system he has the talent to be a top 10 QB. 


His problems lie in not being aggressive enough down field and with rolling smoothly from the pocket. The two spin moves he used the past two weeks were a pleasant surprise, so it shows he’s still working on these things. 


His is positives come in his work ethic, his ability to adapt, and the fact he’s likely the most clutch QB in the league. 15 4th quarter comebacks and wins against Wilson, Brady, Brees, and Rogers should not be discounted. 


Overall, I think we should sign him in the offseason to a Bortles type contract. He’ll sign it. The last thing we need is to end up with a Cousins situation. Imagine we somehow win on Sunday. That would be 9-7, 9-7, 10-6 up from five wins in 2 seasons. The team obviously loves him and plays their ass off for him. We could do a lot worse, and I don’t think he’s close to his ceiling.


If we sign him to a 4 year contract (essentially 3+1 considering the 5th year option) with an out on year four then we are buying low hoping he can get healthy. If he doesn’t next year then we draft a QB round one in 2020 and hope to trade Marcus.

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1 hour ago, JoelinBellevue said:

It got so bad with VY he not only had a thread but an entire category. Every post was moved there.

You were on titanscentral?

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In his rookie season, he was coached by Whisenhunt. His top playmakers (by yards) on offense were Delanie, Antonio Andrews and DGB. FootballOutsiders rated our OL as the weakest in the NFL in pass protection. 

Holy moly, that team sucked. It's amazing to compare our current roster to that abomination. 

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