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Eddie George Helped Henry Improve

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2 hours ago, Rolltide said:

I don't think Eddie had anything to do with it. Getting fewer carries and having your team trying to trade you should be motivation enough. 


All backs should run angry like the opposition gang raped your sister or something. That goes without saying. 


Last season Henry was criticized for bouncing it outside too much. The first half the of the year he did little of that. That is a major part of his game. His ability to get on the edge and turn it up helps open up lanes inside later. 




George definitely had a lot to do with waking Henry up. Just accept that an Ohio State guy was needed to motivate your Bama stud. 

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I don't care what people believe spurred the elite play. I'm just glad we have what appears to be an elite back. I must admit that even I underestimated him. I thought he'd be very good at best and didn't have elite upside. He still doesn't create as much for himself when there is nothing there as the Zekes of the world but if you give him even decent blocking he's every bit as effective on the ground. 

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