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Zach Allen DL Boston College

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I feel like I need to keep up with the Patiots now and see what they look for in players. Just a quick glance at the front 7 with this draft and this guy stands out for us and the Pats. He's not gonna wow you athletically but to me I think hes a great run stopper that offers more pass rush than Jones and Johnson. If we lost Morgan we need a guy that can set the edge and this guy can do it. 

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I like Jelks and Polite as second tier round one dudes


DL like Tillery, Davis, Jones, and Gary fit scheme perfect. 




remember Jerry Tillery... 6’7 and 310 with pass rushing skills and a great run blocker. This Allen kid is solid no doubt. Well rounded at everything and will be a fine ten year pro but there is better options. 


Raekwon Davis is right there with Tillery in my book 


don’t forget about Bryant from Clemson either. 


Or Justin Simmons... 


or Detrick Brown from Auburn. 


Yeesh. This draft is Stocked... we don’t have to trade up for Williams, Bosa or Oliver. We can stay pat in the 20-32 range and honestly find just as good talent without the major hype from being related to Joey Bosa or the next big Saban prospect. Although I certainly wouldn’t get mad if we did. 


My preference? Stay put and let a stud interior DL fall to us, trade up and pay the piper for Ferrell or Allen(Josh) at OLB, or trade back from our pick into late round one and acquire more capital such as trading back to 33 and picking up a third this year and future 2nd and a player and getting an interior guy at 33 who is top 15 in any other draft. It’s that stacked. 


I mean... say SF gets someone like Bosa, and calls and offers 33 and a 3rd and 2nd next year as well as Matt Brieda or a guy like Soloman Thomas... that way they could draft Devin White at ILB or a CB who fell or an OT or WR for Jimmy. 


you do it


Then you say thx and get a solid player like Thomas or a back like Brieda who is very talented, and use your two 2nds and thirds on players on the interior OL and DL and a WR like Kelvin Harmon or Brown



To the OP


this Allen kid reminds me of Tavon Bryant

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