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Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

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27 minutes ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


I was browsing Twitter earlier and that fag Cian Fahey said that this tweet should get the Titans social media guy fired.  Didn't Fahey lose his job after a liquor fueled incident in a bar? 


After reading it again, I guess he liked the comment.   

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Just now, scine09 said:

In week 15 no one is ever fully healthy.

That's not my point.


When was the last time Mariota was fully healthy?


1/2 of week 1 this year.


Before that it must have been September 2017 before his hammy injury against the Texans. That injury was caused by his lack of offseason prep due to the leg injury. But those first few weeks he even seemed to be a little impacted by the surgery on his broken leg. He wasn't himself.


So then 2016? I can't remember injuries that season other than the big injury at the end.


In 2015 he hurt his ankle in week 2 against the Browns (when his show came off on that weird play he tried to reverse field). Then the knee injury in week 3 against Miami.


So he's had 1 year without nagging injury that hurts his play, but that year he ended prematurely with a major injury. He's just been pretty damn injured most of the time!

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Two major victories and 11 days off


thats huge for the team going against these last three games which are 2 at home. 


We we need to win all 3 against inferior talent in the nfc opponent and take down Indy like no other. We can do it 

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1 hour ago, scine09 said:

I suspect if it's still an issue we won't know until the offseason if at all.



his hand is friggin taped up, he has an elbow pad protecting the nerve, and he's on the injury report


of course its still an issue

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