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9 Nines

No one talking about the guy killed by primitive tribe

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On 11/24/2018 at 9:43 AM, 9 Nines said:

I was reading comments on one of the news stories about this.  Someone made a good response to others who were calling the tribe people heathens.


These tribe people had probably never seen anyone dressed as this guy was nor talk as this got did.  Imagine if a foreigner went to rural, middle America. For example, an Arab, dressed in traditional Arab garb, something they would have seen before in pictures at least, goes to a rural farm, waving a Koran wildly and shouting in an Arabic language.  A US farmer would probably shoot a warning shot.  Then after being shot in the leg, the Arab still came at them, shouting even more loudly, does anyone think they would not shot to kill? 

They've seen and been in contact with modern people before. 







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