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2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 11

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No bloodbath yet in this edition, we whittled down by 4, 19 still alive.


The Rules:  


1. You have to choose the winner of one game each week and are only allowed to choose one game per week. If your pick wins, you are still in; if your chosen team loses or ties, you're out. 

2. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot use them again in any of the following weeks, except as noted below in rule 5. 

3. Your pick needs to be in before the game actually starts. If for some reason, you are unable to get a pick in by game time Sunday,  you can pick the winner of the MNF game, provided one of those teams is still available to you. 

4. This thread will keep a running list of who picked who for each week.

5. Special, TR rule: anyone who successfully picks the Titans to win can use  them a second time.


6. If you wish to change your pick, do so by creating a new post.


This week's games:


Byes: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots,

           New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers


Thursday, Nov. 15 TIME(ET)
 Green Bay at Seattle  8:20 pm

Sunday, Nov. 18
 Dallas at Atlanta  1:00 pm
 Pittsburgh at Jacksonville  1:00 pm
 Carolina at Detroit  1:00 pm
 Tennessee at Indianapolis  1:00 pm
 Philadelphia at New Orleans  1:00 pm
 Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants  1:00 pm
 Houston at Washington  1:00 pm
 Cincinnati at Baltimore  1:00 pm
 Oakland at Arizona  4:05 pm
 Denver at L.A. Chargers  4:05 pm
 Minnesota at Chicago  8:20 pm

Monday, Nov. 19
 Kansas City vs L.A. Rams  8:15 pm



Teams Picked, if you're in red, you are eliminated:


Arizona Cardinals:           11/18: Mojambo

Atlanta Falcons:               10/14:

                                            10/22: Number9, titanskick8851, cshumak2,

                                                         TitansWycheck89, bizzyeddie, cenj,


                                             11/11: Supernope, Madmax

Baltimore Ravens:         

Buffalo Bills:

Carolina Panthers:              10/14: Tormentedrose

                                                11/4:  Justafan, TF_Titan, MadNMax

                                                11/18: OILERMAN, cshumak2, newschool,

                                                             CaliTitan3518, Kcroy420, WVTITAN, IsntLifeFunny,



Chicago Bears:                    10/14: Creeping Death

                                                10/28: Number9, Supernope, WVTITAN

                                                11/4: OILERMAN, Starkiller, CaliTitan3518, rns90,

                                                            cenj, Mojambo,bizzyeddie

                                                11/11: newschool, TitansWycheck89,

Cincinnati Bengals:

Cleveland Browns:

Dallas Cowboys:              11/5: Denali

Denver Broncos:

Detroit Lions:                    10/21: TitanJoe  

Green Bay Packers:         10/15: TitanJoe, Titan8425, CaliTitan3518, TitansWycheck89,

                                                          Mojambo, jphardy, pissedofftitansfan, No1Titansfan

                                             11/11: titanskick8851

Houston Texans:               10/14: WVTITAN, ezeblazin. OILERMAN, MadMax,

Indianapolis Colts:            10/14: NashvilleNinja

                                              10/21: Mojambo, WVTITAN

Jacksonville Jaguars:        10/14: titanruss  

                                                10/21: jphardy, Titan8425

Kansas City Chiefs:        10/28: newshcool, TF_Titan, Denali

                                            11/4: Kcroy420, WVTITAN, Jonboy, titanskick8851,

                                                        cshumak2, Supernope, Number9,


                                            11/11: Mojambo, Justafan, IsntLifeFunny, No1TitansFan,



Los Angles Chargers:     10/21: JoelinBellevue, Starkiller, OILERMAN, Denali,

                                            11/11: cshumak2, Jonboy, CaliTitan3518, WVTITAN,

                                                         Kcroy420, TitanJoe, Starkiller, cenj, TF_Titan,


                                            11/18: Justafan, titanskick8851


Los Angles Rams:           10/14: Starkiller, IsntLifeFunny,,Denali, bizzyeddie, cenj,


                                            10/21: Jonboy, Justafan, TF_Titan, MadMax, rns90,                                                                                                                      pissedofftitansfan, Kcroy420

Miami Dolphins:

Minnesota Vikings:           10/14:
 Number9, TF_Titan, cshumak2, Jonboy, Justafan,

                                                           rns90, Chuka05, JoeInBellevue, Rogerpidactor,

                                                           eastwood, titanskick8851

                                              10/21: CaliTitan3518, Supernope, IsntLifeFunny

                                              11/4:  newschool

New England Patriots:      10/21: newschool, No1TitansFan  

                                              10/29: Isn'tLifeFunny, OILERMAN, Kcroy420, Justafan,

                                                            cenj, Starkiller, CaliTitan3518, Jonboy, rns90,

                                                            bizzyeddie, cshumak2, MadMax

                                               11/3:   TitanJoe

New Orleans Saints:          11/11: OILERMAN

                                               11/18: Starkiller

New York Giants:

New York Jets:

Oakland Raiders:

Philadelphia Eagles:             10/21Chuka05

                                                  10/29: No1TitansFan, TitanJoe

                                                  11/12: bizzyeddie, Number9

Pittsburgh Steelers:             10/28: titanskick8851, Mojambo

                                                  11/18: TitanJoe, TF_Titan

San Francisco 49ers:            10/28: JoelinBellevue

Seattle Seahawks:                  10/14: Supernope

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:    

Tennessee Titans:                     10/14: 8MM, heyitsmeallen

                                                       11/5 : No1TitansFan, IsntLifeFunny

                                                       11/18: Jonboy, cenj, rns90, TitansWycheck89,


Washington Redskins:               10/21: pissedofftitansfan


Failed to make pick:                  Rogerpidactor, eastwood, ezeblazin


Edited by No1TitansFan

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