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Red Sox vs. Dodgers MLB WS

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3 hours ago, TitanicoNFLriotFAN said:

Boston won the WS recently, of course it brings a doze of pressure but it isn't as piled up as the one at the Dodgers' side. Specially for the 30 years of drough.

It doesn't matter how you try to slice it. You...Giant-less world series follower. 

How many of these players were on the last Red Sox WS team? 2? Boagerts and Jackie Bradley Jr. who were both rookies. Majority of their team have zero WS rings or have been to the WS. But I forgot it’s the Dodgers so everything is more dramatic for you guys. I’m sure the nearly identical roster to last years first place losers can’t bare the pressure of the WS for another year. 

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Just now, TitanicoNFLriotFAN said:

Yes. Hiding.

Or doing a voodoo ritual...one of the two.

I dont give two fucks about this world series. I'm sorry you turned me saying Boston is significantly better than yall personal.

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