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25 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

I dont understand. What needs to click with Lonzo? 


Also, how many games have you watched him play year?

He’s not playing anywhere near what you would want from your #2 pick. He looks like s decent role player but I’m not seeing him becoming a star player. That could all change but I just don’t see it. 

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You truly try to live up to the name Simple Jake, right?

And with a deal that suprises absolutely no one. Giannis finally signed his supermax

It was for George and Kawhi though

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2 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

The only reason you say that is because of his scoring. It's not his fault ppl want him to be something hes not. 


He even only averaged 14 points in college. He averaged 4 less in the NBA as a 20 year old rookie with a giant target on his back. If yall think he should be averaging 20 just because, that's on you. 


If you actually watched him play, you'd understand why he was a high pick. But you're right, if all ppl want to do is look at the box score and focus on points, you might not get it.


Let me ask you. Was Jason Kidd worth his #2 overall selection? I'd say yes. I'm sure most would. 


Imo, Lonzo will finish his career as a little bit better as an overall player than J Kidd.


But I find it funny. I was only talking about Fultz. But we are on Ball now because someone couldnt help but bring him up....



I just find it funny you try so hard to talk shit about other players and teams but are only optimistic and positive about the lakers. 


Lonzo better than j Kidd? So you are calling him a future Hofer? 

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2 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:



This is why I'm optimistic about Lonzo. (And currently only pessimistic about Fultz and HOU, aka, not everyone else)



Start it around 2:20. Then watch it until they show the graphic. Not even a minute of watching.


Look at the difference in team numbers compared to when Lonzo started and when Rondo started. 


As I said, you wouldnt know how greatly Lonzo impacts a game on a nightly basis if you didnt watch him play. You wont see thise numbers in basic stats or box scores. Just because he isnt putting up 20 and 10 doesnt mean he isnt a very good player. And this is 8 games into year two. 60th game overall. Not even a full season essentially. The kid is a playmaker who is very unselfish and makes the entire team better. 


That graphic also doesnt show last night's game. Now 3-1 when Lonzo starts. And if you listened to Colin, that one loss came in the OT loss to SA in which we should have won and could ultimately be blamed on LBJ not hitting those FTs. That close to a 4-0 team when Lonzo starts. 


And dont take this as just a Rondo/Lonzo comparison. It is, but it's also bigger than that. 

 Listening to that clip doesn’t make me think Lonzo is anything special. He’s better than Rondo but that’s not saying much. Without Rondo one game went to OT and the other was against the trash Suns. The team stats should look better.  


 I asked for the comparison to Fultz because they were #1 and #2 in the same draft and because you are a laker fan so you watch him more than anyone else. I don’t really watch either of them. The only 2 games I watched Lonzo wasn’t very good. From the same draft Fox has looked really good so far this year. 

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17 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

It was either one or multiple of you that said the Lakers were the only team of the young ones, meaning PHI, BOS, LAL that needed to add a premier FA to actually have a chance at winning a title. 


Let's be honest, that wasn't the case. They all needed to add a superstar. PHI obviously knew that. Otherwise why make the trade?

Of course everyone needs to add a susperstar to compete with GSW, I never denied that for one second. I sure as fuck did not say that LA was the only young team that needed that... My problem was pretty much the past 2 years have only been about you talking about the distant future with all these hypotheticals and speaking of them as fact. HoustonFan or whatever his name is is the only one that is blind enough to think that LA would have problems bringing in talent. My only concern was Ball's dad getting in the way of that but a guy like Lebron is wayyyyyy too big of a name for him to have any relevance to that process.


It gets to be quite obnoxious, having this forum littered with Lakers talk and majority of it was future hypotheticals

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15 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Bet my life on the fact you couldn't find anything I said before this past summer about us getting a star being factual. If I did, it was only in regar sa s to PG. But word from his camp was he was intent on going to LA. So how can you blame me?

You still don't get linguistics and semantics, it's one of the reasons you're so abrasive... little things like having conversations about "when" LA signs a star this offseason and then elaborating on the next 2 years after that are very different than "if". It's little shit like that that adds up and becomes a nuisance, especially when you openly state that a lot of what you post is just to troll people or debate/argue with them.


I honestly have no problem with all the Lakers threads, its when you and OF bring that shit into every interaction in other threads that it becomes obnoxious and trolling.


18 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

You act like I didnt partake in discussions about PHI, HOU, or even the bucks with you. 

I don't mind discussions with you most of the time about basketball and don't deny that you know a lot about the sport, but as I said... It's always just some pissing match with you and for some reason you act like literally everyone you ever interact is a "hater" and that everyone is out to get the Lakers. There are very few blind trolls here out to get LA like you want to believe besides OF and sometimes Earlers

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8 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So maybe you're more upset about the fact you WANT to think I was saying it as fact, and then it indeed happened?


You yourself just said you had no doubt they would attract stars. But you're mad at me for assuming they would as well? Lmao. God if that doesnt make you sound like a hypocritical bitch.

I dont, OF does. Just like little bitch ass lucky charms did. Do I respond, why wouldnt I? It's not my job to moderate. If that's your issue, you know who to talk to. 

You do realize everyone here that talks about LA talks about them in a manner of hate or dislike, right? 


Everyone on here at one point called Lonzo a bust cuz his jump shot. 


But they dont talk shit on Fultz or Simmons who are by far worse shooters.


Explain to me why that is? Its LA hate.


And before you try and pull some magic trick, they came here talking shit to me because of shit Lavar said. So they look for a Lakers fan to speak their mind. 


LA hate. Nothing more. 


Now we got LBJ. What did all of them have to say "still not winning a title with LBJ".


Laker hate. Nothing else. 

You really don't know what the word everyone means

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15 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

No, I dont understand why everyone wants to be so literal when it suits them and why they act like they never heard of "figure of speech".

It's not even close to a figure of speech when there are probably only 2 people on here that go out of there way to be a blind hater. I get that only like 3 people bother engaging with you but it's completely insane how you use everyone when that's not even remotely the case

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12 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

The Lakers are like the Cowboys, Yankees, Patriots etc. Ppl will hate just because of the rich history. I'm used to it. Not complaining about it. Just saying that's how it is. And it shows in here.

We've already gone over this, those that actually do hate on the Lakers (MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCCCCCCHHHHH less than you whine about), it's usually not because they're the Lakers... It's because you're such an obnoxious and awful human being and an even worse poster

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10 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

BS. Because they do it with Kyle when he comes in here as well.


So your idea that it's because of me and only me has been debunked. 


Next excuse?

If your defense is that Kyle is such a likeable poster then that's comical .... Everything Kyle does is 10000x more dramatic and grand than it actually is, I don't know what to tell ya if you think bringing him back down to earth is being a troll and a hater

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17 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So yall act a certain way because you dont like that we're passionate about the Lakers. Drama queens.


Damn, it's a wonder yall dont take the same tone with ppl in the NFL forum with those over the top Titans homers....wonder why you only take that approach with us Lakers fans 🤔🤔

I'm plenty confrontational with Titans homers... The fact that you have to revert to unnecessarily emotional lakers "haters" on any disagreement just shows how fragile you really are. Not everyone who disagrees with you is some hater, it truly is mind-boggling how you can't see that.


There is a massive difference between someone trolling you (nowhere near always the case), someone actually being a hater (pretty much just OF and sometimes others) and someone simply disagreeing with you (majority of the time). Yet "everyone" simply falls under the hater category?

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21 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

And as I said, everyone that talks about LA is 9 times out of ten, either saying something negative or just plain shit talking. Sounds like hater is an accurate adjective to me. 

That's where you are wrong. Making a post to counter what you or Kyle say isn't always meant to talk bad about the Lakers or be a hater. The fact that every interaction you have with anyone is me against the world is why you view most people as haters. It's such a whiney attitude to have where you can't handle a conversation with anyone.


You're absolutely insufferable and going back on ignore

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9 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Cry me a river bitch boy. Sound like big dick eater 2033.


You know it's true. You cant handle it. So you want to ignore it. 




One less Laker hater to talk shit. 


How'd you like getting beat by Memphis with overrated Giannis??

You bitch about people not ignoring you trolling people and now you bitch about people not wanting to deal with you. What a fucking child.

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21 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

A little truth to that. The process was actually getting Embiid healthy.

The “process” allowed them to acquire Butler. It was always a marketing play to keep fans motivated that they would eventually be competing. Teams tank for success in a lot of sports. The sixers just sold it. 

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