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You truly try to live up to the name Simple Jake, right?

And with a deal that suprises absolutely no one. Giannis finally signed his supermax

It was for George and Kawhi though

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50 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Good luck with that. 

What about them? Outside of the 0-2 start, they look good. 


And the fact Ingram and Rondo only got 3 and 4 games is a win. 


I was expecting 10+ for Ingram. 

Besides not being able to win sure they look good lol.


im just busting your balls. I actually think they look pretty good. They’re young guys are showing flashes but just not consistent enough to compete for a title at this point. Long season though. 

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28 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Really? Cuz Fultz "basic" numbers this year are what Balls were last year when ppl called him a bust. His assists and rebounds arent close. He averages as many turnovers in less minutes. 


And if you actually watched them as much as I do, Fultz looks worse than the story his numbers tell. 

Not everyone called him a bust. I really don’t see much difference in their numbers. Fultz shooting % dropped drastically after last nights game but still only 8 games into the season. All he needs is one good game to bump the numbers up. 


Rebounds? Lonzo 32 vs Fultz 29 

Assists? Fultz 31 vs Lonzo 29

Turnovers? Lonzo 11 vs Fultz 12


Fultz does have one game up on Lonzo but the numbers are not too far off. I don’t think either one of them looks like anything special at this point. 


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3 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Most ppl did. How did his % drop drastically after one game when out of his 8 games hes only shot over 40% in 3 of them? So one night shooting 30% drastically drops his %? If anything, he had two games that really make his % look better than it is. 

This is why it's best to go off averages when just looking at stats. Yes, he has one more game played than Ball. So take away his 3 boards and 4 assists he gets a game, then what's the totals? 

Balls minutes got cut drastically to start because coming off surgery and the additions we've made. Mostly actually because we have another PG which we didnt have last year. Whats the excuse behind the lack of minutes for a 1st overall pick that had 2 first rounders traded for him?


None of this matters anyway. Actually watch Fultz play. 


With Ball, the only thing ppl criticized him for was his shooting. So far, he has looked much better in that department. I think he will continue to be streaky in the short term. But outside of him not being aggressive offensively, there is nothing negative about his game right now. And really, with Ingram, Hart, Kuzma, LBJ. We shouldn't need him to score a lot. Fultz is shooting the three as bad as Ball did last year. And when him and Simmons are on the court at the same time, he looks lost. No idea how to play off ball.

I also think this early in the season going on averages is pointless. One game can change everything which is the case for Fultz and Ball good and bad. Fultz doesn’t look worthy of the #1 pick and Ball doesn’t look worthy of the #2 pick. You can argue which one is better or whatever but neither will ever live up to their draft slot unless something clicks with them. 

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