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Episode 167 - Loss To The Bills, Ratbird Week

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1 minute ago, Jamalisms said:


Back up off me!



As time goes on, it becomes more and more clear how they view Spain. 


I kind of wonder if they might actually release Jones and start Levin at center moving forward, replacing Spain with a higher caliber FA


Vrabel said in his presser today that Jones "assisted" with the protections from the guard spot. I wonder if Levin was partially calling the protections or what. 

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Jones is set to make only $4.5 next year so considering he can play C and OG I'd keep him.  I really believe the move of Levin to C had as much to do with how bad he sucks at OG.  Thus they thought the combo of Jones and Levin was an overall upgrade more so they thought Levin was an upgrade to Jones at C.  Actually they could bring Kline and Jones to camp next year (still look to the draft and FA) and let the chips fall as they may.  They could end up keeping Jones while releasing Kline. 

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