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I mean... LOL


Dude gets a wide open run at the end zone only to go airborn to avoid the tackle and fumbles the ball through the back of the end zone for a touchback.


It's the punchline to the comedy of errors that has defined this matchup with Florida. And the game has only been on for a little over an hour.

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What's the fastest a coach has gotten on the hot seat? Pruitt might have set the record. 


The Vols looks woefully unprepared. 


I don't think anyone expected them to have a great season, especially given the meat grinder of a schedule coming up, but he's not impressing so far. 


To his credit, this is still mostly the same team Jones built, but one has to think that if he and his coaching staff were more qualified than Butch and his staff then this team wouldn't look worse than last season. 


Hopefully he can recruit some Bama level talent to UT over the next couple of seasons, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet. 

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