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Texans @ Titans predictions

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I don’t think Lewan plays and we trot Kelly and Pamphile out. The scheme will protect MM. I think this game we go heavy in the run. 


I am going to say this about Marcus. The stats won’t be pretty but he shakes out a win. 


Mariota - 24/35 - 258 - 1 TD - 1 INT

 8 rushes- 54 yards - 1 TD - 1 Fum

- Sacked 4 times


Henry - 23 rushes - 113 yards - 1 TD

   2 catches 17 yards


Lewis - 11 rushes - 48 yards - 1 TD

    4 catches - 37 yards 


Davis - 7 - 92 - 1

Taylor - 3 - 48 

Matthews - 6 - 74

Smith - 3 - 42


i expect a big dose of Henry and Lewis and screens to Taylor, Lewis and Henry. 


The big offensive play that shifts momentum to us after a rocky first quarter? A 52 yard bomb to Davis over Kareem Jackson for a TD


I’m going to say Mariota throws a pick in the third quarter and also has a strip sack in the 4th. 


Texans - 27

Titans - 31


Defensively I think we get the best of Watson. 


I think Deshaun will toss for around 240 and 2 TD and 2 INT and Miller runs for around 90-110 yards and a TD with Deshaun prancing for 50 yards but he too fumbles. 


I expect our pass rush to get to him. 


I will say 5 sacks, 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. 


Butler and Byard get their interceptions and Landry, Orakpo, Casey, Morgan and Jones all get their hands on Watson for some sacks. 


Casey with 2, Jones splitting a sack with Orakpo, Landry and Morgan with 1 each. 


I also think Evans lights Miller the fuck up on a swing pass causing a key fumble recovery for us. 


Watson and company have the ball with less than 2:20 to go and Watson tries to force a pass to Hopkins deep that Byard gets ahold of to ice the game. 

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The only edge we have is that V knows them well. Having to play Kelley since Pamphile is playing too is going to be a huge factor. Bet we don't throw past 10 yards unless it's a rollout. Need to run Henry right at Watt, and even Fluellen. Get them tired and let them chase Lewis. Have to keep Watson off the field. 

Titans 24

Texans 20

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I'd guess Mariota starts the game, plays poorly and comes out of the game and the elbow will be talked about. His mother might force him to apologize to everyone. 


Who knows how Gabbert will play, likely poorly. Hopefully Mariota mixes up some quality H20 the rest of the game for everyone

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Depends on the play of the QBs. Teams are well matched roster-wise. We have to hope MM8 plays a clean game.

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If we are going vs that HOU D without Lewan or Conklin then we are fucked. And MM8 will probs get injured. We have horrible luck in terms of injury against the Texans.

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