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Mariota, Landry, Evans

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3 minutes ago, JoelinBellevue said:

So you perceive Rodgers as a running QB? Hard to sell a fake if you never run.

He will run every now and then.  That is all he needs to do.

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2 hours ago, tgo said:

That's just not how this scheme works. 


It's been well known over time that Belichick, Vrabel, Crennel, Pees all believe in inside pressure and outside contain as a basic principle. I would think that would come into play even moreso against mobile QBs with limited arm talent like Watson. 


It's not a pressure-first scheme like LeBeau or even Schwartz (although he doesn't blitz, but pressure first is his objective). 


That's not to say they don't get pressure but they're also not going full bore to pressure the QB from every angle on every down if you know what I mean. I think under Pees/Vrabel the only guy ever "penning their ears back" consistently would be the weakside outside linebacker. Except in occasional pressure packages or on occasional blitzes. 


But we'll see how it plays out. 


Good stuff. I still think one of the major benefits to having Evans is his ability to take out mobil QBs. If my ILB can play contain by himself then I’m unleashing my OLBs against a guy like Watson, but maybe like you said we do that for special packages while the rest of the time forcing him to throw from the pocket. 

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Watson didn't have any runs off RPO last week.  Only handoffs and passes.  He did show some elusiveness in the pocket and had some yards there.  Not sure they want him running at all out of the RPO right now. 


Our OLBs are going to have to help on the run some even if it is to pin the RB.  If they can crash the OLBs to stop the RB a guy like Evans can have the speed to take the QB wide.  A gamble but if they aren't willing to run Watson much it is worth taking. 

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1 hour ago, bizzyeddie said:

I have mentioned that interview with pederson a few times.. hand-off the ball or throw the ball.  Qb running is last resort.

Seems with mm we just running the option.

There is no pass..

Ideally, but the play that we got Marcus hit on he rolled out as if he was a threat to run with the ball or at least bootleg it.


The QB being a threat to have the ball in his hands was hardly the last resort, it clearly was a large facet of the play since he even made damn sure the defense knew he was a threat when he didn't have the ball

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Yea teams like GB run RPOs but a lot of fans don't seem to understand what that means. An RPO means the QB has the option to hand off to the RB or throw a pass. 


The difference in what Rodgers does with GB and the Titans is the Titans were actually using Mariota as a ball carrier. They were clearly trying to use deception so the defense wouldn't know whether the RB had the ball or the QB. 


The reason the Titans were using their QB as a running threat is because he's not a good passer, period. It's absolutely ridiculous to subject your franchise QB to defensive hits. 


On the play Mariota was injured he was pretending to have the ball, they were inviting hits.


Vrabel said early on they would use Mariota as a runner, he talked about using college concepts but he said they wouldn't put Mariota in harm's way. 


It took one half to injure him



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