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Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

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5 minutes ago, Titansfan920 said:

I hate an injury and especially for a guy that seems as cool as Cyp but wouldn't either of these guys be a decent upgrade anyways?

Against the pass maybe.

Against the run Cyp is pretty damned good.

I'm sure Travis Kelce will tell you Cyp can lay the wood in the open field.

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3 minutes ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

Eric Reid over Vaccaro all day. Just tell him to keep his ass in the locker room for the anthem. 

I've been considering an NFL boycott over their bullshit stance on the anthem. Signing Reid would probably sway me towards not boycotting.

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1 minute ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

Why? He’s slow and terrible in coverage. Reid is a legitimate top 10 safety. 

Vocarro's a fine safety and there's no baggage.  He had 7 passes defensed and 3 ints last season compared to Reid's 4 and 2.  


Neither one of them are an upgrade imo but if I have to choose, give me the guy with no baggage.


Cyprien makes a ton of tackles.  Neither one of these guys are going to replace his production imo.  

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