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North Korea, Kim Jong-Un shit all over imbecilic, fake, wanna-be alpha Donald Trump

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4 hours ago, Rolltide said:

I am spot on and you know it. If it had been a democrat who crossed that DMZ it would have been the event of the ages and lauded as a great courageous move for peace. 


Tears would be flowing like rain! 


You demitards think with your emotions and your dicks. It is all about appearances for you. You would have loved it. While weeping your non media heroes would be proclaiming peace in our time. 

More lies from the village idiot.

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1 minute ago, Rolltide said:

It is an opinion retard. An educated opinion. Had Obama's policies and actions towards NK been identical to Trump you idiots would have considered it a triumph of peace and humanity. Conservatives would have bashed it the way libtards are bashing Trump now. 

No, that isn't an opinion. That is just made up bullshit like all your other posts. And LOfuckingL that you think you're educated. You dumb bigot.

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38 minutes ago, Rolltide said:

Let's talk about pathetic shall we?


Joe Biden commented on Trump through a spokesman. Yeah no shit he cannot even speak for himself. What the spokesman said was a lie. He said that Trump has made numerous concessions to Kim. Trump has made none! The only thing Trump has done is shown a willingness to talk and treat Kim and by extension his people as human beings. 


The legitimization argument is stupid. Almost every historian would tell you that Nixon opening up relations with China was the crowning achievement of his presidency.  Other presidents have accomplished nothing with NK democrat and republican. At least Trump has a chance. 



Relationship with China. How's that going?


Trump stopped military exercises with South Korea and invited Kim to the White House.


But that's stuff that the United States wanted right?



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North Korea on Tuesday suggested it might call off its 20-month suspension of nuclear and missile tests because of summertime U.S.-South Korean military drills that the North calls preparation for an eventual invasion.


The statement by the North’s Foreign Ministry comes amid a general deadlock in nuclear talks, but after an extraordinary meeting of the U.S. and North Korean leaders at the Korean border raised hopes that negotiations on the North’s growing nuclear and missile arsenal would soon resume.

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On 7/2/2019 at 2:45 AM, OILERMAN said:


I've posted this several times and not a single righty has ever responded.  I guess I'd be too ashamed to comment on it as well.  

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