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North Korea, Kim Jong-Un shit all over imbecilic, fake, wanna-be alpha Donald Trump

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Sox, you start this rant with a blatantly racist comment about intelligence of blacks. Hard to get past that without shutting down on all arguments.   You then imagine that we separate peopl

What am I suppose to do with the commemorative coin Tux sold me?  

Read the Tweet again Rolltard.    Do you really have a problem with a guy stating that Nuclear Weapon’s experts know more about nuclear situations than your average guy in a MAGA hat? What’s

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7 hours ago, Btowner said:

Typical Trump response. Faux narrative and faux outrage. Americans regardless of party are not cheering for a commie dictator. Trump supporters are so quick to claim victory or winning, they forget you still have to cross the goal line. This was a fumble at the twenty yard line. 


Be a man, take the setback and recover. Don't whine about cheering commie dictators. 

That's some funny shit coming from the "snowflake entourage"... LOL!!! :339_snowflake:

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7 hours ago, Starkiller said:

I have never once considered the possibility that Trump will be successful as a president...

That's because you actually think you have brain... Someday maybe you will let your spouse make the decisions... 

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1 hour ago, WG53 said:

This is what all the idiot right wingers here do. They create ridiculous scenarios and attribute that bs to liberals or put words in other people's mouths and argue some ridiculous point no one is arguing.

Another brain storm from the shit shoveler… :70_poop::70_poop::70_poop:

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5 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

That's because you are biased and not very bright.


As for these potential talks Trump holds all the cards.  We have and will give up nothing.  NK will be the one making concessions.  The only thing in question is how much of a win this will be.  Oh, and we are still waiting for the sky is falling horrendous blow to the economy these trade wars Trump started are causing.  As usual libs were wrong. 


Pay attention.  They've already happened.  The market was due for a correction but it has been basically stagnant since January.  I would attribute most of that to the stupidity of the president who has strait sabotaged it several times.


And before anyone jumps on me saying the market is a poor indicator of the economy, it is the only indicator that the average voter should really care about because that is where most of us have our money.


He's singlehandedly squandering perhaps the greatest economic bull run of my lifetime.  

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1 minute ago, Soxcat said:

Seriously?  You have a problem with the market?  And as an investor you are worried about a market being stagnant for the last 4-5 months?  Really?

Now we all know the market is finicky and their is the real earnings portion and the emotional portion.  Investors tend to over react emotionally even if there is no real reason both up and down (you are reacting over nothing right now).  But the reality is the economy is very good, earnings will be very good and whatever shifts emotionally are always corrected in the long term.  It is a bull market.  Nothing was squandered.  And the long term benefits of better trade deals will far outweigh any slight "emotional" short term movement.


Take some sedatives, hang in there and stop freaking out. 


Speak for yourself and don't put words in my mouth.  I never made any insinuation about my emotions or stated that I was freaking out.  That's you projecting.  No matter what Trump does, the Market will eventually recover and I will make money.  That doesn't mean I have to appreciate his blunders that sabotage it or the setbacks that affect me personally.  


Also, the market would be in a much better position without pointless trade wars and lost opportunities.


Lastly, what better trade deals?  All I've seen Trump do is bow out of deals because he fails to negotiate anything and is forced to walk away.  Everyone knows his MO now and just refuse to give in to his stupid demands.  China has owned him.  Mexico, Canada, and the European Union have all owned him.  Saudia Arabia owned him.  He pulled out of TPP (now an admitted mistake), failed to renegotiate NAFTA (a huge mistake if he pulled out), pulled out of the Paris accord, the Iran Deal, backed out of the NK deal.


What exactly has he done to secure any deal, much less a good one?

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50 minutes ago, OILERMAN said:

How many of you retard Trumpsters ordered a commemorative north korea peace coin 




I actually never considered doing anything of the sort... But, now that this seems to be your "expert analysis" I'm considering ordering several...

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Couple things. Firstly, it's totally obvious how nervous many on the left were about this meeting & the potential for a success, because it would be a massive, massive foreign policy win for Trump. The biggest in ages. Every liberal breathed a sigh of relief. It's a perfect example of why our country is fucked, each side is flat out rooting for the other to fail.


Secondly, let's see how things shake out, cause suddenly NK scaled back their tone in a big way. On one hand it's a risk pulling out of this deal but I also get it, things were finally progressing nicely & then out of nowhere NK pulls their typical shit, so until they get serious they don't deserve a meeting & photo op. Trump's negotiating skills haven't translated from business to politics as hoped but I actually think he has a good handle on Kim, who isn't particularly smart & is impulsive. Where Trump is in over his head is with the super sharp heads of state who know geopolitics inside out. He's out of his league with those guys.

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Also, Tux, North Korea dissolving into one country with SK? Do you realize how difficult that would be? Sure, there's some nostalgia & nationalistic feelings for some on both sides about coming together but my goodness they're so different. SK is a modern state with a complex & sophisticated economy & government while NK is a truly bizarre, archaic place with the most draconian dictatorship in the world. The whole country is based off isolation. Kim is only 32, who knows where he could windup  in a union, he ain't risking that.. They're so far apart economically, NK would be lost in meetings with SK's government. And that's before we even consider the citizens. I believe NK's average height is 3-4 inches shorter than SK, they're beaten down, starving, terrified, brain washed people who know nothing outside their little hermit kingdom. Half of them would be overwhelmed & have panic attacks with the whole thing.

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