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Grading the Brown's draft.

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It is rare that a team has the kind of draft capital(2 really high picks in each of the first 2 rds) to spend that the Browns had this year. With the right picks they can transform their team out of the crapper and into contention. Some things to remember about the Browns.


Their head coach sucks and should have been fired.

They have not had a decent QB since Bernie Kosar.

They have a 4-3 Greg Williams defense and need help on the D-line.

Joe Thomas retired after a hall of fame career. 


These are my grades..


1st rd pick 1 Baker Mayfield-D+. 

Should have taken Sam Darnold. You could make some comparisons to Mayfield and Mariota but Mayfield is 2 inches shorter and 10 lbs lighter and significantly slower than Mariota. 

 Mayfield is a running QB who only ran a 4.84 40 at 215 lbs. Most of the ultra mobile QBs run a sub 4.7. Baker Mayfield the 1st pick? Fuck me!


The thing to understand about the Oklahoma offense this year is that they were a dominant running team. They pounded the big 12 on the ground averaging over 200 yards a game. It's a misconception that Mayfield did everything on his own. 


4th pick rd 1 CB Denzel Ward D+.

Another one of these guys over valued with a gaudy 40 time. Ward was a good player at OSU but he was not an elite CB. Not even first team all big ten according to the coaches. A bit light at 183 lbs. Never ran a cone at the combine or pro day. Why? The cone is more important than the 40 in my opinion for that position.  Did not play in the bowl game vs USC. Not as good a prospect as Lattimore last year and Lattimore was the 11th pick. Sort of the John Ross of CBs. 


Should have taken McClinchey the top OT in the draft as a nice companion to protect their franchise QB. At least 10 maybe 15 better picks than Ward. It was also a thin draft for legit tackles. 


33rd pick, 1st pick rd 2 Austin Corbett OT/G C


Needing an OT the browns reached a bit for Corbett. They could have gotten a similar player in rd 4. He does fill a need assuming he can be a tackle in the nfl. He is not an elite athlete for that position. Given it is an attempt to fill a need I'll be nice and give a C grade. They needed a big time OT though and he is not it. 


35th pick, 3rd pick 2nd rd Nick Chubb RB B


I like Chubb but some might say a bit of a reach. Chubb was viewed as a between the tackles power back only. I think he will be fine and might be their most productive pick out of the first 4. 


67th pick, 3rd pick 3rd rd Chad Thomas DE/DT C+

I like players like this, a bigger more versatile DE or a smaller quicker DT. There were just better options at the top of the 3rd rd. Rasheen Green and Sam Hubbard were clearly better prospects. Thomas was a good player at Miami but was never a dominant pass rusher getting only 4.5 sacks each of the last 2 seasons. His timed speed indicates he is more of a tweener player than a true full time 4-3 DE. Most likely will be a strong side DE on run downs and then a pass rusher inside. 


There was an incredible choice of high value players available at this pick. In addition to Green and Hubbard you had linebacker Malik Jefferson and TE Mark Andrews. 


105th pick, 5th pick 4th rd Antonio Callaway WR/KR C+


A first rd type athlete who could be compared to Percy Harvin but numerous legal issues and character problems caused him to fall. Productive when on the field. Did not play at all in 2017. Could be a real solid tool kit type guy for years or a complete wasted pick. 


Will be most valuable as a slot receiver. Solid running back type build, 4.41 40. You could nit pick about his cone time 7.00 on pro day. 



Grade point average. I triple weighted the 1st rd picks and double weighted the 2nd rd picks. 


Rd 1- 1.5X6=9

Rd 2 2.5X 4 =10

Rd 3 and 4 2.5X2 = 5


Total 24/12=2.0 C


Not terrible but if I'm right about Mayfield they are fucked for the next 5 years. 




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Mayfield should be sitting the bench this year and learning while Tyrod Taylor plays. He could even sit for 2 years if Taylor plays well. Mayfield has a lot of potential. 

I don't think Ward was the best pick they could have made but he does come from a  program that is currently making the best DBs. He should be solid. Chubb still would have been a better pick IMO


The Browns will still lose a lot this year because they have a harsh schedule but they did make a lot of improvements this offseason.

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I think the Browns screwed up. Mayfield will be decent but nothing to write home about. 


I wouldve done...


1) Josh Rosen

1) Bradley Chubb

2) Austin Corbett

2) Josh Jackson

3) Michael Gallup

4) Royce Freeman


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Looking back so far based on one week...


Denzel Ward was worth all the hype. He made some unreal picks against Big Ben and totally baited him like a 5 year vet


who knows about Mayfield. He looked good in preseason. 


As od now... I still take Rosen over all of them. I think he is extremely special. 


As as much as I love Marcus I would trade Mariota for Rosen straight up lol

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