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1 hour ago, Face said:

Hubbard is tough to figure because the rap on him is that he lacks athleticism but his combine numbers outside of the 40 were very good. His 3 cone was excellent & may have been the best of all the edge players, it was definitely up there. His vertical was also excellent & his broad jump good. The problem is his 40, he didn't run at the combine & he mentioned something to the media about waiting to his pro day because he hadn't had enough training in the 40, or something to that effect. Then he ran a 4.95 at his proday, which means the combine 40 would've been over 5. That's rough. I'd feel much better about him if he even ran a 4.8, because his other drills were so good.


The other thing that bothers me is his relative lack of production. For a kid who supposedly has very advanced hand usage & top notch technique, he wasn't very good in college. Like it said in the SackSeer from FO I posted, Sweat actually had about the same amount of sacks per game & also had a lot of passes defensed, which they claim correlates very much to being a good pro edge. 


So Hubbard really doesn't have the athletic or technique upside. Sweat was just as good a player, maybe better, and he dealt with injuries that impeded his development & apparently wasn't asked to turn it loose to get the QB very often in FSU's scheme. And he blows him away athletically.

They arent take a 265lb guy who can only run 4.8-4.9 in the first, dont worry.

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I'm not worried at all.  I cannot see JRob screwing up a first round pick.  The draft is his domain and claim to fame.  Look at who he picked last year in Adoree Jackson.  At 18 he should have been gone, credentials, production and work ethic.  He moved up the year before and snatched an all-pro T.  Big Jack.  No way, no how is he not going to get a stud ending up valued higher than 25.  Or on the other, this might be his first fuckup.  Who knows.

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