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Cohen visited Prague after all

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4 hours ago, Rolltide said:



Stop being a dishonest idiot, I did not say that was a problem. That was the motivation for wanting to make these idiot loans and you know it. Bush wanted to advertise that black and Latino home ownership was highest during his presidency. 


Anybody who qualifies should always get a loan and you fucking know that is not what happened. Your hero Obama acted like these people were victims of corporate greed. As if signing a contract that provides you a loan for a house is victimization. 



You’re spot on with some things and completely miss the mark on a lot of others. They weren’t victims for signing the contract. They were victims for the way they were misled and eventually foreclosed on. If you didn’t know, contracts must be of equal consideration at least prima facie. These contracts were not and were predatory in nature. 

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1 hour ago, Mythos27 said:

Now that the truth comes out about Prague, Cohen drops the lawsuits against buzzfeed and fusion GPS. Keep defending this dirt bag you morons.

He didn't want to expose himself to further legal liability through the deposition/discovery process?  


So far Trump and his NY tough guys talk a big game and lawyer up to create leverage and intimidation, but they don't seem to have a lot of trophies to show for it.  Meanwhile they are taking a beating from the Feds and in civil cases.  Hilarious.

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