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2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

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Fortunately, thanks to CMJ I have a whole year to watch and learn how the draft works before I have to make any picks myself.

I'm gonna treat you like the Jags in 1999.

One thing you could do to participate in the draft is get pissy when someone doesn't make a pick within 15 minutes of being "on the clock". It'll be like CMJ never really left.

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Looking at my roster I can get rid of enough player to fit the roster limit and draft one player, so I Will be able to use my 2nd round pick but I would rather trade it. So if you see players slip and want the pick let me know. 

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5 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

It would certainly improve everyone's chances, he's a baller 

He’s won a single championship thus far and his all time record is nothing compared to Guru, Wisco and Yours Truly.


No doubt Nines deserves a shit load of props for turning an atrocious roster into a winner though. 

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12 hours ago, abenjami said:

@Jamalisms can you “unarchive” the sub forum thread so I can add Nines as a past champion?

Just start a new thread.  You could even use the one I just started to test if one could be started.  I could even rename it for you then you make same post to it. 

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On 5/9/2019 at 12:09 PM, 9 Nines said:

I found it via the Consolation (rank as playoff began) and playoff (rank after playoffs) brackets.

Edit: brackets do show records at week 13 so one can figure out the rotating teams based on ties.


Without considering who owns which pick now 


round 1:

notsolegato (1-12 no ties)

Bink (tied 4-9)

Cornrow Wallace (tied 4-9)

Cyrus (tied 6-7)

Gurus (tied 6-7)

Dude's Dudes (tied 6-7)



Abenjami's Champions

Fake News Champions


Nine 9s




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