49ers Sign Garoppolo To Long Term Deal, 5 Years $137.5 Million

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5 hours ago, ap24786 said:

There will likely be posters like Oman defending him because he's a white non athletic QB whose team "believed in him" and paid him a big contract. 

You're retarded, this is totally unfounded

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And yet some want to act like Mariota is the only guy that gets criticized for preseason terribleness? How fucking thin skinned are these homers on this site


As I've said, the biggest thing that's different here is that the people who get offended just get so damn riled up after every comment it actually derails shit like it never has before... The snark and "hate" has always been here but people would just move past it

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3 minutes ago, japan said:

You hate the brown skinned?

Aside from Polynesians I could care less. I obv loved McNair. 


I like accurate aggressive QBs.


As for Jimmy G, yea he's starting to become a real worry. The offense looked better without him last season, he didn't look good last night and he's coming off the injury. 


SF took a gamble on a QB with a tiny sample size. His biggest selling point was Brady wanted him gone and BB wanted him

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