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Those who want me gone and have the balls to do something about it....

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A lot of you have been saying you want me gone.


Yet a lot of you are too pussy to ever accept a bet I lay down.


Well lets see how bad you want me gone and if you are willing to sacrifice something yourself to make that happen.


I will bet anyone a 2 year ban that we aren't better than 10-6 next year. Stats, Mariotas or any other players progression means dick.


It doesn't matter if we make the playoffs at 9-7 and go win the SB. We're betting strictly regular season record.


Who has that much confidence that MM was that bad and are willing to sacrifice a 2 year ban?


Note that I personally believe this was a 11-5 team this year. I believe if not for Mariotas injury and a couple of poorly timed mistakes by players, we beat MIA and SF which gives us 11. And probably even ARI which gives us 12.


That is why I chose 10-6 (11 wins) and not 9-7 as the mark. And seeing how a lot of you predicted 11 or 12 wins even with MM as the HC, it's not like improving by 2 wins should be a tough accomplishment considering a lot of you think we will be better simply because we fired MM.


Also note that I dislike doing this because it could result in me cheering against them at some point. But I want to show (not that I already haven't) that I feel MM to be a damn fine coach and one who got disrespected far too much around here. Also that a lot of our problems weren't a direct result of him.


It's put up or shut up time. I know none of you will shut up, but who has the balls to put up?


P.S. Im not making this bet with someone who is relatively new.

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So you bet that we might be worse with a schedule that’s likely one of the top 10’hardest instead one of the top 2 easiest....wow you’re really brave lol


ill make a bet, if our SOS is the same I bet a 5 year ban we win more than 9 games 


accept my bet if you aren’t a pussy @JakePA_Titan

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Next year was going to be a tough year regardless of coaching staff based on the schedule the way it looks now. 


I don't see anyway we'd be better than 8-8 with this staff.  That way to early record poll I said 6-10.  I think with the right staff that maximizes the offense we can get to 10-6 barring injured players even with the schedule. 



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No need for the bet challenge man. Calm down.


i actually agree with most of what you've been saying. I think MIke Mularkey has gotten a bit of a rough deal here. Jrob just didn't have the faith in him at the end of the day. So I actually have respect for Jrob sticking with his convictions, hope he is right.

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