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Best week of football in my life!

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I'm older than most of you guys and have seen a lot of football.


I grew up a Bear fan and was an adult when they had that incredible 1985 season. One of the best and most exciting seasons any sports teams have ever had. 


I was a new Titan fan when they christened the new stadium with the new name and new unis and made that magical super bowl run in 99. You have the music city miracle. The blowout over the Jags. 


All that takes a back seat to what I enjoyed this week. The Titans coming from behind 21-3 and winning and Bama coming from behind 13-0 and 20-7 and winning the national title.  


When Tua was sacked back to the 41 I assumed that was it. I envisioned them getting another 10 yards on the next 2 plays and then trying and missing a 48 yard FG and having to put the kicker Andy Pappanostos on suicide watch. But this kid was not limiting himself to getting a close FG. He saw an opportunity and pulled the trigger on a perfect pass. Wins the game. 


What more can I ask for?


When the Titans upset the Pats I'll add to the thread. 8D





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