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Titans @ Chiefs Game Thread

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They didn't come out in spread 3 wideout sets this game. For whatever reason or more likely the score, they eventual switched to it. In the 2nd quarter they were moving the ball but had 2 breakdowns to end 2 potential scoring drives. 

Here is the thing, we don't run a hurry up. We run a no huddle which are 2 different things.  Less men in the box is better for our running game. The key to things game which has not been mentioned was that overall protection of Mariota was great. He had time to look over the field repeatedly. Even the scrambles had good protection. 

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16 hours ago, TitsforMe said:

It is not the hurry up. This is what my point was to @JonBoy weeks ago. We are still hiking the ball with less than 10 seconds on the play clock and sometimes less than 5.


Its the actual offensive change. Earlier in the season we would literally go multiple drives a game and never have a Titans player line up outside the numbers. Which has made a ton of Titans fans pissed and rightfully so. The other dramatic change in the last 3 games minus the Jax game is we are now running out of shotgun. Our play predictability when Robiskie was calling the plays was awful. By week 13 or 14 we would pass 90%+ out of shotgun. So defenses would always know what was coming. This week Henry ran over 1/3 of as many times out of shotgun than he did ALL SEASON! 1 game.

good points. you have to say its very connected to mariota running the no huddle though as he's the ones calling the plays that are more spread out and less predictable. 


14 hours ago, japan said:

Right. Now that Cosell was proven right - more shotgun, more spread, more no huddle - the new narrative is that we’ve been doing all of those things for a while. 


Mularkey said back after the Ravens game that Mariota lobbied for no huddle and he finally said it was ok for one drive but it didn’t work so we stopped doing it until the SF game. 

too fucking true. IIRC it was working but someone ran the wrong route and it ended up getting picked. was this also the time mularkey said he'll call it once per game but if we dont get a TD it isnt going to be called for again unless needed?


13 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

Not for a while, that was the plan in the off season. They said it, more 3 WR sets, more on Mariota.


You don't have to believe them, you can see what they did, who they signed/drafted. Davis #5, Taylor, signed Davis, they drafted Smith instead of a blocker......


Davis among other WRs were injured throughout. When everyone started getting healthy they played more 3 WR sets

i think youre right here. the planning for it was true. but they coached scared and when everything wasnt perfect the went into a shell. they coached scared if you will. 

they did also say they wanted to run mariota even more than before.... and run murray even more than last season in power sets (seem obvious mistakes to me)...so i think most of the problems seemed to stem from a pass game that didnt align schematically with the run games. - the predictability so many complained about is part of this. 

when the pass game didnt work because of lack of healthy players, they gave up and went back to what they think they knew best but really wasnt best. (if mariota can have the success he had even as a rookie with that talent.. why think we are worse off this season?)

further, if you lack the talent, the best thing to do when you find any matchup advantages is to take it... 90% of the reason the no huddle exists is for that scenario... yet we avoided it?  that should be a valid complaint.  


you forgive them as circumstantial issues... which is rare for you and why people are calling you out for it. its out of your element. 

everyone else saw excuses. 

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On 1/6/2018 at 4:48 PM, GLinks said:

I’m glad Peters got that foul. I really kind of hate him.

Funny thing about Marcus Peters.  All through college the Huskies (his Alma-mater) got their asses handed to them by the Mariota-led Ducks.  Every.  Single.  Year.

Now the Chiefs have been beaten twice by the Mariota-led Titans two years in a row.


So Marcus Peters has faced Marcus Mariota 5 times and has NEVER been on the winning side.

So yeah, Peters has a chip he's carrying.

And it gets bigger every year!


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5 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

And that prolly should have sent us home. It should have been a fumble and KC recovery.


We, and especially Henry caught a break.

Definitely was a fumble, but fuck it. Think of all the calls that have gone in favor of the Patriots over the years. 

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