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1 hour ago, Rolltide said:

Why does that matter? It was filled with lies and made up bullshit and was illegally used to issue warrants. That is illegal and a violation of basic civil liberties. But shit since when did a libtard care about that? Government spying on people? No problem. 

It matters because it debunks the stupid conspiracy theory. 


The dossier was started by Republicans and was passed to the FBI by John McCain. 


Since the FBI previously worked with Steele and he was a credible source, maybe they failed to vet it like they should. and must take responsibility for that, but the notion that the FBI, DNC, and Clinton campaign were in cahoots is total bullshit.


I really don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you and Tux.

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1 hour ago, Btowner said:

Do you know or even care that the  initial funding of the dossier was provided by a Ted. Cruz donor? 


Once the donor switched his support to Trump, he dropped the dossier and the Clinton campaign then picked it up.


It’s funny that neither Trump, his supporters or conspiracy theorists never mention that fact.

That is an unmitigated lie.

Oppo research was conducted on Trump by Fusion/Simpson during the primaries on behalf of Rubio or Cruz (can't remember which) but it did not involve Steele or the Dossier.  Simpson himself has admitted this.

It wasn't until March of 2016 when the primaries were all but over, that the funding for oppo research from Republican sources dried up.  It was then that Simpson shopped it to hillary's camp and Fusion GPS shifted to Steele and his fictional dossier. 

At no point did Republican opposition did fund the Steele dossier.


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John Solomon's investigative reporting is starting to blow this whole thing wide open. Quite a few libtards will be indicted in the coming 6 months and people will find out that the real collusion was between Hillary and the democrats with Russia. the dossier was a Russian hoax perpetrated on behalf of the democrats to hurt Trump. 

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