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5 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

I agree.

You don't get it ... these people weren't voting at all. So what data would they have that they'd vote a certain way?


Ultimately, this is a "conservative" approach. Instead of complaining about your situation ... do something about it ... get out and vote.

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16 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

You are the one not getting it.


Previous data is irrelevant.


It was what their expectations were....


There is this phony idea in politics that if you're poor, you vote dem, if rich, vote rep. If you're a minority, you vote dem..


They did it solely because they believed a certain result. They believed it would increase the dem vote. Maybe the actions they took were 100% legal. But their thinking behind it was anything but 100% non partisan.

This is the issue with your thinking ... 


If getting more diverse cultures to vote makes you believe something nefarious is going on ... that's a problem with YOUR party ... not their political leanings.


If you want to know what's nefarious? If more diverse cultures vote more will be represented in the present and future. Republican or Democrat that's better for everyone long term.


The situation was a win/win.

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5 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

My thinking is based off their expectations, only.


Maybe if they expect a certain result, their thinking is flawed....no?


But of course, no issues with them stereotyping ppl, huh?

Sure, there's a problem. But again, they kept their opinion/biases, whatever they may be, out of it.


It's like being the commissioner of a league:


Sure you'd like to see certain teams win as its better for business in the short term, but in the long term, the best thing for business is to just get everyone to participate and be competitive and let the chips fall.


Today the Cowboys are the most profitable, but tomorrow it could be the Titans, so invest in bringing everyone to the big-boy table.

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7 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So why aren't they reaching out to Asian Americans?

One step at time. Right now, Latino Americans make up over 17% of the U.S. pop, well above other minorities.


Maybe another company focuses on Asian Americans ... who knows.


But if a company was smart, they wouldn't spread themselves thin focusing on more than one group.


I just think that Google, whether the Latino population goes republican or democrat, know where which population is growing so they're making a long-term investment.


Google to Invest $140 Million to Expand Data Centre in Chile




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7 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Hypothetically, let's say Google is busted for their part in altering search results and helping play a part in the election...


Would that not go to show their reasoning behind reaching out to minority groups, while expecting certain results, shows it was a biased attempt to help get Hillary votes?


If this was accusations against Trump and his admin, and this was all the proof waa there, you and the left woild be screaming guilty.


But now it's all ho hum.

Hypothetically, lets say Google is busted for wanting to start a nuclear war ...


That's my answer to your hypothetical.


I could probably find an employee email stating Google is popular enough to start a war. Does that mean they want to start one?


Tucker Carlson and his crew have purposefully planted the poison pill in your head because Trump didn't like his search results. The idea that a President would question search results is juvenile and stupid.


So Fox did its best to cover for this stupidity by digging for ANYTHING they could find to make people believe Trump might have a point.


All you have to do is write the headline and plant the seed ..."Could Google be Manipulating Search Results? Well they did get Latinos to vote ..." and followers will go to it like a moth to a flame.


You're already asking me to speculate what happens when they're caught, when nothing incriminating has even been found.

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3 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Except they have been found guilty before on related issues.


And my hypothetical isn't completely out of play.


But sure, take the route that allows you to make jokes and not take these issues seriously.


So much for a mature conversation huh?

Throwing out hypothetical is not mature conversation.


I'm just playing on your level.


You are being baited. And they're counting on you thinking hypothetically to push their narrative.


  • Hypotheticals lead to conspiracy
  • Conspiracy leads to fear.
  • Fear lead to an 103 page thread about nothing.
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28 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

It is unless you make ridiculous hypotheticals. Mine is a perfectly legitimate possibility. But you treat it as if I said what if pigs could fly....


You took a very extreme route which there isn't even a shred of validity to. 


My hypothetical is actually valid because it wouldn't have been the first time they altered  searches....talk about not getting it...damn you are missing the boat...Im sure by choice...



Like the dems did with the dossier?


Ok then....

I'm simply not going to venture down a road until that road truly exists. What Tucker sees is people like you will venture down that road regardless. So he says the words, you eat it up.


The dossier? LOL, now we get the sidestep to whataboutism ... of course ...


I don't need the details of where the dossier came from or what FBI did or did not do. What they knew and did not know. I know there's an investigation.


The FBI, CIA's job is to protect us. If that protection ventures into looking into conspiracies then so be it. It's not my job to speculate, as I don't have their resources or expertise. Speculating is useless, as nothing can be disproven in the hypothetical world.


Sometimes their job involves them chasing faulty leads. Sometimes the job involves them chasing good ones.


Apparently whatever lead they followed, it was a good one. As it's led to numerous indictments.

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