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24 minutes ago, Legaltitan said:

With all the crazy and unbelievable things in this whole saga, I will never understand why Carter Page is the hill Republicans are willing to die on, and willing to burn down the IC and judiciary to do it.

Carter Page was spied on including his phone calls. There is a good chance he talked to people in the Trump campaign about some bad stuff and the FBI has it on tape. 


It's imperative to discredit this surveillance, not for Page but for the campaign and Trump

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34 minutes ago, Titanjuicy said:

Ben is just a troll. Odds are he voted for Hillary.

No Ben is spouting out bullshit after he saw he was 100% wrong on everything

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36 minutes ago, Legaltitan said:

 But it is just an indication of how easily the base is manipulated that they are able to pull off this switcheroo.  

As it's become obvious Trump colluded with Russia the Trumpsters will just say Putin is making America great again anyway, they do not care. 

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Line up all the fools and retards......  Juicy, Oman, Nator, and the head Legal.  They should start a law firm.  The sad thing is Ben is right.  If this kind of unjust BS happened to a lib many of us would be shouting foul from the street corners.  Talk about who are the Nazis?  Libs don't care about civil liberty unless they agree with you.  Hitler would be proud.  So would Stalin.  You guy represent the worst of the worst.  Pathetic.


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