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CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Foundation Hid a $2.35 Million Foreign Donation from the Head of the Russian Govt’s Uranium Company that Had Business Before Hillary Clinton’s State Dept.—a Clear Violation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Administration



 New York Times has confirmed that Hillary Clinton violated the Memorandum of Understanding she signed with the Obama administration promising to disclose all foreign donations during her tenure as Sec. of State. 

As Clinton Cash reveals, Ian Telfer, the foreign head of the Russian-owned uranium company, Uranium One, which Hillary Clinton approved to acquire U.S. uranium, made four individual hidden donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling $2.35 million, none of which appear in Clinton Foundation disclosures. 

CONFIRMED: Bill Clinton Bagged $500,000 for a Speech in Moscow Paid for by a Kremlin-linked Bank

The New Yorker confirms that, as Clinton Cash claims, Bill Clinton made $500,000 for a Moscow speech that was paid for by “a Russian investment bank that had ties to the Kremlin” at the time of the Uranium One deal. 

“Why was Bill Clinton taking any money from a bank linked to the Kremlin while his wife was Secretary of State?” asks the liberal publication. 

CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Brother Sits on the Board of a Mining Company that Scored an Extremely Rare “Gold Exploitation Permit” in Haiti as Hillary and Bill Clinton Disbursed Billions of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars in Haiti

The Washington Post confirms the accuracy of Clinton Cash’s revelation that Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, serves on the board of a mining company that scored a coveted and lucrative “gold exploitation permit” in Haiti as then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were doling out billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. 

According to the Post, Rodham’s mining company “won one of the first two gold-mining permits the Haitian government had issued in more than 50 years,” just as Clinton Cashreveals.

CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Foundation Hid a Foreign Donation of 2 Million Shares of Stock by a Mining Executive with Business Before Hillary’s State Dept.—a Clear Violation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Administration

The Wall Street Journal confirms the book’s revelation that another foreign donation, one by Canadian mining executive Stephen Dattels, made a hidden donation of two million shares in Polo Resources that the Clinton Foundation chose not to disclose in violation of the Memorandum of Understanding the Clintons signed with the Obama administration. 

“About two months later, the U.S. ambassador to Bangladesh pushed the energy adviser to that nation’s prime minister to allow ‘open pit mining,’ including in Phulbari Mines, where Polo Resources has a stake,” reports the Journal

CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Approval of the Russian Takeover of Uranium One Transferred 20% of All U.S. Uranium to the Russian Govt.

The New York Times confirms, “The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.” 

The Times also verifies the book’s reporting that Hillary’s uranium transfer to Russia represented, at the time, a projected 50% of all U.S. uranium output. 

CONFIRMED: Bill Clinton was Paid by a For-Profit Education Company Laureate While the Company Benefitted from an Increase in Funding from Hillary’s State Dept.

Bloomberg has confirmed that, as reported in Clinton Cash, Bill Clinton was paid by “Laureate International Universities, part of Laureate Education, Inc,” a position he abruptly resigned from on Friday. 

Bloomberg’s examination confirms that “in 2009, the year before Bill Clinton joined Laureate, the nonprofit received 11 grants worth $9 million from the State Department or the affiliated USAID. In 2010, the group received 14 grants worth $15.1 million. In 2011, 13 grants added up to $14.6 million. The following year, those numbers jumped: IYF received 21 grants worth $25.5 million, including a direct grant from the State Department.”

The company nor the Clintons will release the exact amounts Bill received for working for the controversial for-profit education company.

CONFIRMED: The Clinton Foundation has Been Forced to Refile at Least 5 Years of Annual Tax Returns and May Audit Other Clinton Foundation Returns

Reuters has confirmed that “Hillary Clinton’s family’s charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns” as “the foundation and its list of donors have been under intense scrutiny.”

CONFIRMED: At Least $26 Million of the Clintons’ Wealth Comes from Speaking Fees by Companies and Organizations that are Also Major Clinton Foundation Donors

The Washington Post has confirmed in an article based on Clinton Cash that, according to the Post’s independent analysis, “Bill Clinton was paid more than $100 million for speeches between 2001 and 2013, according to federal financial disclosure forms filed by Hillary Clinton during her years as a senator and as secretary of state.” 

Of that, reports the Post, “Bill Clinton was paid at least $26 million in speaking fees by companies and organizations that are also major donors to the foundation he created after leaving the White House, according to a Washington Post analysis of public records and foundation date.” 

CONFIRMED: Clinton Cash author, Peter Schweizer, is Currently Conducting a Deep Dive Investigative Report on Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush’s Financial Dealings

CBS News has confirmed that author Peter Schweizer is working on a similar investigation into GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s financial records and relationships. 

“The wide-ranging examination will appraise the possible 2016 contender’s involvement in Florida real estate deals, an airport deal that involved state funds while Bush was Florida’s chief executive, and Chinese investments in Bush’s private equity funds,” reports CBS News.

CONFIRMED: Bill Clinton Delivered Numerous Speeches Paid for By Individuals and Corporations with Pending Business Before Hillary’s State Dept. 

ABC News has confirmed Clinton Cash’s reporting that myriad businesses and individuals paid Bill Clinton to deliver speeches even as their companies had business on Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s desk. 

“Records supported the premise that former President Clinton accepted speaking fees from numerous companies and individuals with interests pending before the State Department,” reported ABC News. 

ABC News noted it found “an instance where paid and unpaid speaking appearances were conflated,” but that Clinton Cash’s essential “premise” is “supported by records” ABC News independently analyzed. 

CONFIRMED: Bill Clinton Lied about Hosting a Meeting with Frank Giustra and Kazakh Nuclear Officials at Clinton’s Home in Chappaqua, New York

New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Jo Becker confirmed in a one-hour Fox News television special on Clinton Cash that Bill Clinton lied when questioned about whether Clinton, Giustra, and executives from the Kazakh-owned nuclear company Kazatomprom ever met in Clintons’ home. 

“When I first contacted both the Clinton Foundation—Mr. Clinton’s spokesman—and Mr. Giustra, they denied any such meeting ever took place,” said Becker.

“And then when we told them, ‘Well we already talked to the head of Kazatomprom, who not only told us all about the meeting, but actually has a picture of him and Bill at the home in Chappaqua, and that he proudly displayed it on his office wall.’ They then acknowledged that yes, the meeting had taken place.” 

The Hillary Clinton campaign continues to struggle in its efforts to spin and distract from the growing pile of Clinton Cash facts mainstream media outlets have already confirmed and verified are correct.

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36 minutes ago, TennesseeTuxedo said:

and this is someone that the left wants to be President of The United States?

The last "Crooked" Clinton that took office things went just fine. I could care less how they make their money, just like how many laud Trump in all the dirty ways he makes his money.

If you think politics is somehow clean then you're as naive as the politicians treat you.

Backroom deals go down all the time... sometimes for strategic reasons we don't even fully understand.

In the end, all I would want is my way of life improving.

The Clintons have definitely proven capable of delivering that.

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Even if all this stuff is true, she's still more fit for the job than Trump. I don't like Hillary one bit, won't debate at all with someone who claims she's corrupt. The problem is how bad Trump is. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he shows zero interest in learning about anything, cares nothing for facts, is a blatant racist, a miserable business man, a con artist, and cares for nothing but himself. Hillary is probably guilty of half that stuff too, but at a minimum she's far more intelligent than he is and has a far greater sense of decency. 

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That example is terrible because 8 other government departments also had to unanimously approve the deal and there's no evidence that Clinton herself was even involved with the approval process at the State Department for this particular deal.

The author of Clinton Cash himself did not dispute these facts in an interview!

He's just asking questions!

Super long transcript...


STEPHANOPOULOS: A lot of focus on the sale of a company, Uranium One, to a -- to a Russian company. Of course, Frank Drisdra (ph), who had committed, what, a $130 million, a pledge to the Clinton Foundation back in 2006, had had an interest in this company.

But he actually sold it.

SCHWEIZER: Well, he sold his stock, but his firm, Endeavor Financial, continued to do finance deals well after that. And the individuals involved in the book, as you probably read, there are nine -- count them, nine major contributors to the Clinton Foundation who were involved in that nuclear deal.

The two individuals who were the financial advisers on the deal of the sale to the Russians, they're both major Clinton Foundation supporters. The chairman of that Foundation, Ian Telfer, whose donations were not disclosed, campaign -- and sorry, a Clinton Foundation contributor. And there are others.

So this is not just about Frank Giustra. This is multiple layers (INAUDIBLE)...

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, but you didn't disclose in your book that he had sold the interest.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Beyond that, this deal was approved by a -- a board of the government called the CFIUS Board.


STEPHANOPOULOS: This actually chaired by the secretary of the Treasury...


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- not the secretary of State.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Eight other agencies on board, the secretary of State, Homeland Security, Defense, Commerce...


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- signed off on it. And even though the State Department was one of nine agencies to sign off on it, there's no evidence at all that Hillary Clinton got directly involved in this decision.

SCHWEIZER: Well, I think it warrants further investigation. And there's a couple of things that need to be clarified.

Number one, she was one vote -- or the State Department was one vote on CFIUS. But any agency has veto power. So it needs to be unanimous. So they had to support this agreement.

The second thing that I would say is that in the midst of all of this, Hillary Clinton was in charge of the Russian reset. She was in charge of -- in -- of the A123 nuclear agreements with the Russians. She was the one that was meeting with Lavrov. There were four senior congressmen on national security issues that raised concerns about this issue...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But wait a second. There were nine different agencies...


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- who approved it. Doesn't that suggest that that was because there was no national security concern, not because of some nefarious influence by Hillary Clinton?

SCHWEIZER: But -- but look at the nine individuals that were on the CFIUS committee, the nine agencies represented.

Who was, by far, the most hawkish on CFIUS issues in the past?

Hillary Clinton. She was big on rejecting the Dubai Ports deal. She was big on other issues. She sponsored legislation when she was in the Senate to straighten CFIUS.

This was a signature issue for her and this is totally out of character...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the assistant secretary who sat -- the assistant secretary of State who sat on the committee said she never intervened on any CFIUS issue at all.

SCHWEIZER: Well, I think that deserves further scrutiny. I would question that.

To argue that (INAUDIBLE)...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But based on what?

Based on what?

SCHWEIZER: Well, I think based on her (INAUDIBLE)...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you have any evidence that she actually intervened in this issue?

SCHWEIZER: No, we don't have direct evidence. But it warrants further investigation because, again, George, this is part of the broader pattern. You either have to come to the conclusion that these are all coincidences or something else is afoot.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And that -- that is that -- the Clintons do say it's a coincidence. As they say, you have produced no evidence. And I still haven't heard any direct evidence and you just said you had no evidence that she intervened here.

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On 7/23/2016 at 9:58 PM, Titans_Win_Again said:

Even if all this stuff is true, she's still more fit for the job than Trump. I don't like Hillary one bit, won't debate at all with someone who claims she's corrupt. The problem is how bad Trump is. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he shows zero interest in learning about anything, cares nothing for facts, a blatant racist, a miserable business man, a con artist, and cares for nothing but himself. Hillary is probably guilty of half that stuff too, but at a minimum she's far more intelligent than he is and has a far greater sense of decency. 

Disagree on most besides the bolded but it all comes down to how conversations with other countries will go and Trump's temperament is terrible for the job. He has such thin skin where every insult thrown his way is taken personal then he retaliates by saying something 10x worse. Not at all the personality you want for the job.

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On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2016 at 9:14 PM, reo said:

Jesus.... All other conspiracy attempts have failed to find anything so Republicans have decided to just throw a mass ton of shit out there to see if anything sticks.

Or Hillary could have sex with a monkey at the zoo, on camera, and you guys would deny it is a monkey.  Believe it or not this is a real mass ton of corruption.  You have to be a total imbelcile to not see the obvious.   

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