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Nashville tells Fisher good bye

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I pretty much agree with you Oilerman but for the purpose of conversation I will disagree some...there were strategies relating to gameplan and personnel that differed between Fisher and Bill and Bill's way was better:

1. Belichek drafted OJ Mayo high. Fisher never would have. The downgrade of LB in the draft killed him and us by extension.

3. Belichek recognized that when you have a qb like Brady you spread the O and play fast break offense. He took his cues from Manning and Moore and learned from it.

The Pats play a 3-4 and LB is way more important to the Pats than the Titans. The Titans went to the SB with total spares at LB in this scheme. Where the Pats have gone wrong is ignoring a pass rusher. Why is BB still not getting a pass rusher? It's baffling. The Titans problems the last few years have little to do with the LB position.

As for the fast break stuff.... The Pats have had terrible playoff results since unleashing Brady and the spread. The Colts have also underachieved in the postseason big time. The Pats won 3 SBs basically playing "fisherball" and none since. And anyway the offenses under Dinger and Fisher have really opened up over the years, McNair ran a spread type offense under Dinger and they tried it under Chow. Then in 08-10 they were one of the biggest downfield attacking offenses in the league regardless of fan perception.

I think it was Don Shula that said you have to get lucky to win in the NFL, lucky to have a great QB. That's really what it all comes down to.

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