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Official Rate My Team Thread (Update: Where'd you finish in the standings?)

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I won my 10 team league.  I wanted to pick Mariota first round, but someone else shockingly picked him 2nd overall (These are not Titan fans).  That threw me all off.  I panicked and picked Le'Veon even though his status was up in the air at the time.  I picked Zeke even with the looming suspension.  I didn't realize until late in the draft that 2 qb's were to start (every other league I'd been in, it was just 1), so I put it on the back burner.  This draft happened the day after the Chiefs/Pats game.  I picked Alex Smith and Tyreek Hill, and their points still counted for that week :ohmy: (combined for over 80).  And Hopkins obvs helped my cause.  I was chugging along, but I had my share of injuries, esp at QB.  Rodgers went down.  McCown went down.  It was looking like a Titanic collapse, but alas...

It was a head-to-head league, but I dominated in points.  I was first seed, made the finals, and my opponent had Gurley vs us.  He got 55.6 and I thought all was lost.  Then a few of my guys had solid games, and Bortles helped get me back in it.  I needed only 7 points with one game to go.  I had Jeffrey and Ertz, and thankfully Ertz showed up for me.

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