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Rockets Depth Chart For The 2020-21 Season

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5 hours ago, Oiler FANatic said:

That is some really bizarre analogy there, but I'm not the one siding with Simple Jake here either. Unless you just got tired of arguing with him which I fully understand. His debating skills leave a lot to be desired as does the fact that his love of the Lakers force him to continuously live in the past.

The analogy is a stretch but anyone in the history of the world would choose to be be one who's been to the championship 31 times compared to 4

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And yet they beat GS by 1 tonight.

On 2/27/2018 at 8:24 AM, JakePA_Titan said:

LA has been to the Finals about as much as HOU been to the playoffs lol

Of course that has nothing to do with that fact that they had already been around for 20 years when the Rockets were founded....:rolleyes:

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On 2/25/2018 at 11:40 AM, JakePA_Titan said:

Barring injury or foul trouble Johnson nor Wright will do anything in the playoffs. To count them as depth when they'd be lucky to see 5 mins a game is nonsense.

The Rockets backups will be getting lots of playing time over the last few weeks of the season with Golden State's myriad of injuries.


Toronto has a far better chance of catching Houston right now, especially since they own the tie-breaker. But that's still a 3-game cushion.


After going to Portland on Tuesday night, we can expect to see the Rockets to start resting players during their 5-game home stand.


Chris Paul and Capela will both get some time off, they'll probably give Harden a night off here and there as well. Plenty of PT for the backups.


If they're plenty rested up for the first round of the playoffs, and with all the teams struggling just to get in, they could have an easy time early on.


Guys like Iso Joe and Wright (plus Green & Black) could get decent minutes if the Rockets can build early leads against their first round opponent.

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3 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

@Oiler FANatic


Where is Capela? I see Jokic up there.....



There are at least 5 players I would take over where Paul George is ranked, likely 10, for any given amount of a timespan you want to set the parameters at. I'm sure there are more misjudges of where in the top-30 these guys are but the top 20 at least seem to be unanimous.

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41 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So are you saying Capela has a right to be considered top 30 just based on personal opinion? I think he would be omitted in a lot of ppls top 30. If guys like Jokic and Drummond are mid to low 20s, Capela doesn't belong.

I don't give one damn about yours and Oiler's who whoever's beef. What the fuck does Capela have anything to do with anything I remotely said?

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47 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Also, are you saying someone like Lillard, who everyone knows is not a great defender, should be ahead of PG? Are you also saying DeRozan and Butler should be as well? Those 3 are all pretty even in my eyes....but I believe they are in the correct order as far as those 3 go. DD doesnt have the defense PG and Butler do. And I like PG over Butler because PG has got his team to more playoffs and more series wins than Butler. 

I'd MUCH rather have Derozan, Embiid, Klay, Cousins, Kyrie or Butler on my team than PG. There are others on that list rated lower who I would consider it a coin-flip.


I get why someone would rate an all around good player you can depend on as a top-10 guy, I just don't agree with it at all because there are other guys who are more legit difference makers rated lower.

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1 hour ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So are you saying Capela has a right to be considered top 30 just based on personal opinion? I think he would be omitted in a lot of ppls top 30. If guys like Jokic and Drummond are mid to low 20s, Capela doesn't belong.

Yet Capela, with the obvious exception of LeBron, is still better than everyone on the Lakers roster.


If the Rockets can't manage to sign him to a long-term contract he will be one of the top free agents in the loaded FA class of 2019.

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On 7/9/2018 at 11:56 AM, Oiler FANatic said:

Yet Capela, with the obvious exception of LeBron, is still better than everyone on the Lakers roster.


If the Rockets can't manage to sign him to a long-term contract he will be one of the top free agents in the loaded FA class of 2019.

It sounds like he wants too much money:  he turned down a 5 year deal worth 85 million.

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On 10/9/2017 at 10:44 AM, JakePA_Titan said:

Now back to this incredibly deep Rockets team that will average 115+. I could talk about how some of your role players like Nene and Ariza have been declining in terms of ppg every year over the past 4 years. They are getting older, not younger and fresher. So is CP3 who just had his worst offensive season throughout his entire career. The same guy who Rockets fans think brings them closer to GSW.

So they only scored 112.5 PPG last season, but only because their defense was so great and their pace slowed way down later on.


It's funny how you pointed out how Ariza was declining last season, but since he went to Phoenix how irreplaceable he has become.


So many things had to go wrong for the Rockets to lose game 7 against the Warriors, but Ariza's poor play was chief among them.


Obviously Chris Paul's absence was a key reason for the Warriors coming back from a 3-2 deficit, but Ariza scored 0 points in 42 minutes.


I wonder if there has ever been another player in NBA history to play 42 minutes in game 7 of a conference finals and score ZERO points.


He's rewarded with a $15M contract, there's no way the Rockets were going to offer him anything close to that. And now he is indispensable?


And now matter how stubborn you are to admit it, no one else came nearly as close to the Warriors last season as the Rockets did.


Now that they have added Melo, who was terrible last season in OKC, you are eating up all the bullshit out there that Houston is worse now.


Ariza and Mbah a Moute were two of their best defenders, but they still have Capela, Chris Paul, and PJ Tucker who are all good defenders.


James Ennis is also a good defender and even Michael Carter-Williams is a decent defender. So they won't have a top 5 or 10 defense, OK.


Even if their defense is just mediocre the offense should be outstanding, they already had one of the most efficient offenses ever in 2017-18.


So if Harden gets 28 PPG, Gordon and CP3 get 17 PPG each, Melo gets 16 PPG, Capela gets 14 PPG, Tucker gets 8 PPG, Ennis gets 7 PPG, Green gets 5 PPG, and Nene and Anderson get 2 PPG each that would be 116 PPG for the team. Even GS won't score that much.

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On 7/14/2018 at 12:57 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

HOU either just doesnt feel he is as good as @Oiler FANatic does, or they are trying to low ball the fuck out of him because they gave old ass CP3 who cant stay healthy a max deal. Lmao. Fucking idiots.

So they're idiots for signing Capela for $18M/year yet OKC overpays Adams at $25M/year and the Thunder are still the better team, right?


You kept going on and on about how OKC was the superior team last season, they weren't. But now that Melo is in Houston who is better?


OKC, huh? Atlanta was desperate to get rid of Schroder, who isn't much better on defense than Melo. They re-signed PG, that's all they did.


They're replacing Melo with Jerami Grant, that's some huge upgrade there. And then Schroder replaces Grant as their top bench scorer, wow.


And Nerlens Noel is now backing up Adams, another huge upgrade there for OKC. The whole addition by subtraction argument here is BS.


The fact is they're no better than they were last season, they'll win somewhere between 45-50 games just like half a dozen others in the west.

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On 8/12/2018 at 11:18 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

Again, ppl know how valuable he is as a defender with his versatility to cover 1-4 in todays NBA. Suns have decent scoring with Warren and Booker and Ayton should help that as well. They needed a veteran that brought toughness to their team. And they have money. Making a big deal over PHO paying him decent money. Sound jealous and upset about it. As you should be. He's a valuable piece. That yall lost.


You said they only averaged 112.5. This site says they only averaged 111.1.



Also, if you look at GSW 2016 avg oer game, they put up 116.5. Half point better than what you said HOU will do this year.

You say you add melos 16 ppg. But Ariza and luc combined for 19.3. But you're going to improve by 5 ppg on the season. Smdh 

It's no wonder why your basketball knowledge is nowhere near to what you claim it is. You can't even look up proper statistics.


The Rockets averaged 112.4 PPG last season, look it up anywhere. I don't know what that link you posted is supposed to be for.


The Warriors averaged 114.9 PPG in 2015-16 and and 115.9 PPG in 2016-17, so I have no idea where you got this 116.5 PPG crap from.


Maybe if you knew how to properly look up statistics your arguments would actually have merit. But with your debating skills, probably not.


And then you try and argue that Melo won't improve the Rockets offense if he scores 16 PPG, while he will likely average around 30 MPG.


But since Ariza and Mbah a Moute combined for 19.2 PPG (again, not sure where you came up with 19.3 PPG) while also playing 60 MPG.


So with Melo playing about half the minutes that Ariza and Mbah a Moute combined and scoring just 3 fewer PPG, that makes no sense?


You do understand that one player averaging 16 PPG in 30 MPG is more effective scoring than two players averaging 19.2 PPG in 60 MPG, right?


Of course Ariza is a versatile defender, we all know this. But come on, $15M/year is way more than decent money for a player with his skill set.


He was barely getting half that in Houston and no one said he was vastly underpaid. He was only 191st in the NBA in points per 48 minutes last season.


That ties him with Sam Dekker at 16.5 points per 48 minutes. And how many times was Ariza 1st or 2nd team All-defense? He never was, not once.


All this talk about what a huge loss Ariza is for Houston is garbage. And Mbah a Moute even more, he was never the same after his 2nd injury.


They tried to play Mbah a Moute during the playoffs, but he was a total liability on offense. Ariza isn't all that much better on offense either.


Ennis will probably take Ariza's spot in the starting lineup. He's a versatile defender himself and will probably score as many points per 48 minutes.


He's far better than you seem to think he is, so laugh now. I remember when you made so much fun of Mbah a Moute during last season and now you act like both he and Ariza are irreplaceable and how the Rockets are going to fall apart without them. You will be proven wrong, once again.

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On 8/19/2018 at 11:26 AM, JakePA_Titan said:

Yall were +14 in point differential the last two years. Any money says that drops below 10 this season. 

Houston was +5.8 two seasons ago and +8.5 last season, so I assume what you're attempting to say is the last 2 years combined (14.3 to be exact).


Since they were +8.5 last season it would seem for that number to drop below 10 this season their point differential would be less than +1.5?


If you're going to waste money betting that the Rockets won't have a point differential above +1.5 this season be my guest, you will lose big time.

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And as far as you hating on Capela, he is ranked #36 overall on ESPN's top 100 players in the NBA. Ahead of other C/PF's like:


Kanter (95), D. Sabonis (89), Olynyk (88), former Lakers big man Julius Randle (84), Favors (83), DeAndre Jordan (80), Nurkic (75), Boogie Cousins (69), Lauri Markkanen (66), Millsap (59), Porzingis (58), Marc Gasol (51), Mirotic (50), Myles Turner (48), Adams (47), and Drummond (46).

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On 9/18/2018 at 5:14 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

What's the point? He's a product of the system he's in. Nothing left to say.

You can say the exact same thing about a lot of players in almost any sport. Is Drew Brees the product of the system he's in? Was Kurt Warner?


What about Luc Mbah a Moute? You said he was terrible before last season, then he looked great in Houston. Is he a product of the system?


So wait, he's not? No, the Rockets will miss both him and Ariza terribly and will struggle to win just 50 games. Is that right? That's your opinion?


Michael Carter-Williams sucked last season in Charlotte, then Houston signed him for the minimum just like they did with Mbah a Moute.


He's looking great so far with the Rockets just like Mbah a Moute did. Go figure. Maybe being surrounded by great players makes a difference?

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On 7/25/2018 at 2:57 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

I thought you said Melo made yall better? Why does Vegas disagree?

They have the Rockets winning 57 games and the Lakers winning just 48, so adding LBJ only gives the Lakers 13 more wins this season.

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