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187 Mayors adopting Paris Climate Accord despite U.S. pulling out.

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23 hours ago, TennesseeTuxedo said:

The mayors are all irrelevant. The US Constitution prohibits them from pursuing their own foreign policy.

Ever hear of State law governing pollution? That's not foreign policy. Educate yourself tux. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_and_state_environmental_relations

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Have you seen those two dorky sons? He doesn't always know when to pullout!

Yes, uninformed. Yes, new programs. They exceeded 25% last year. Pay attention, bitch ! China has twice the amount of the US installed in renewable gigawatts. They are actually dominating in rene

I love the far right members  of this board. It's funny seeing a genuinely articulate and seemingly well educated guy with such strong (often wrong, or at least sourced from dodgy places) partisan vie

23 hours ago, TitanDuckFan said:

Well you know they aren't going to pick up the $100B tab obama had us lined up for.

But if they want to shoot for the energy benchmarks, that's fine.  But only time and politics will tell if/when electric bills skyrocket, if those mayors stay in office.

 thought it was 3 billion, not 100 billion.

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