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Episode 134 - NFL Draft Preview

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The Two Tone Crew returns just in time for a pre-draft podcast! With two first round selections, Jon Robinson has the Titans in position to make another big splash in the draft. Jonboy, Scotty, and Tom Gower (Football Outsiders) are here to talk about the Titans biggest needs and where they may look with their two early picks. Thanks to your submitted questions, the guys go well over an hour attempting to analyze the draft from every angle. 



Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-two-tone-crew

(615) 900-0282

[email protected]


Titans Report- @titansreport

Jonboy- @RetroRaconteur

Tom Gower- @ThomasGower


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I wanna hear Omans mock draft with Howard at 5. 

Is Kyle making a guest appearance???   

Discuss the "simple plan" of CB and WR in the first round. The discuss what the other major holes are in the roster.

What teams do you think will want to trade up and how far would you drop?

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1) Talk about why it's a great move/not the greatest move to draft Jonathan Allen at 5.

2) Pros and CONS of moving 5 and 18 for #1 to draft Garrett.

3) Talk about Titans Report origins/history given that the "NOTE FROM JTB AND OILERMAN" post has been brought back into the public consciousness.

4) Dark horse prospect section where you talk about under the radar guys (Godwin, Jalen Myrick, etc)

Just a few ideas...

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Is Jamal going to be there?  If so ask him why he looks so gay and why should we not take OJH with the 5th pick.  I want to hear argument besides the fact he is a TE.  Also discuss how OJH doesn't help our WR situation since he is basically a big WR as well as TE.   

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