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I'm going to liquidate my portfolio


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23 minutes ago, OILERMAN said:

I'm rooting for the hedgefunds and for the common investors to get crushed 


It was really only two hedge funds behind the short.  I'm sure many other hedge funds made tons of money already up and down, up and down, up and down.

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43 minutes ago, wiscotitansfan said:

Robinhood CEO talked to Cuomo on CNN today. Everything that chickenshit said was so full of it and just kept on repeating everything they do is for the customer

I watched it too.  That guy totally ruined his entire career and his company today.  They were gearing up to IPO and instead they are going to lose a ton of their customers.


Oh, and there's this...



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This was on a stock message board.

Guys, I am a 70 yr old investor and have been watching with great interest and support of what "I think" you are trying to do...My interpretation of your efforts are to expose and cause pain to those who have been on the other side of this type transactions for years........There have been articles out about the SEC suing you some individual investors and others going after Robinhood and other platforms that have stopped users ability to buy stock in the companies they feel you are manipulating.....I have a classic of example for you to use if you legal action takes place

I have stake in a company called Plug Power (PLUG).....I have been in it since 2017 and listened to many of the earnings calls and updates....I was very concerned when the pandemic (COVID) hit and the market crashed.....however what I found from listening to the calls was that the pandemic actually increased the demand for their product.....During the first qtr call, the CEO stated that the demand was so good that they already had on the books 90% of the year end ...In the first two quarterly reports, the company had exceeded target by 20+%.....

The stock ran nicely....and then Citron (Andrew Left) came out with this hit piece shorting the 

As you can see, he made totally fabricated numbers stating the stock would fall to $7.00 as they will miss their revenue target by 40%.....where in the hell did that come from?.. 

The stock took his lead and dipped for a few days and then recovered....I would like to know how much he made my sowing disinformation......

If you research Plug closely you will there had been nothing negative to say about the growth of this company and their is public information that shows that this was nothing but a fabrication.

Bottom line, I think this is what you are trying to fight against as you have caught the attention of all the entire financial community......I hope this doesn't get ignored and something can be done about short selling...Its a fixed game.

So they might come after you for collusion and manipulation.....
The Citron's of the world need to be charged with collusion, manipulation, and disinformation.....

Disinformation----our society is crumbling because of it......Fight on.....,

Will post on AMC and GME Board

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