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Curry is the best since Jordan

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8 hours ago, rns90 said:

Robinson wasn't the same guy when Duncan joined in 1997.  And he was practically a shell of himself in 2003 with a bad back.  Ginobili was probably the best sidekick player for Duncan if you want to argue that.  Kobe definitely had the better supporting cast.


Not on his 09-10 teams. No way. Their depth was trash.


Robinson was still a boss. Double double and averaged over 1 steal and 2 blocks. Big reason they were the best defensive team.


And KLs numbers in 2014 were about as good as Manus in 2007 and better in 2014.


And Parkers numbers were on par with Manus. 


There is a reason they were the Pats of the NBA. Duncan had a solid team around him his entire career.

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