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I got nothing against the AL East teams but I like to see one of Oak or Seattle get in.  Not Astros related but if the Phillies don't get in the playoffs, it's their fault for losing games to the Marlins and Rockies (at home too I think).

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TB has great pitching, but Oakland also had the best bullpen in MLB and the Astros had little problem beating them in 4.   I was far more worried about the Yankees hitters than I am about th

Nothing sweeter than watching Altuve walk off the punk ass Yankees, again. 

If the Phillies can't win at home against Miami or Colorado they don't belong in the playoffs, they're on the verge of elimination now anyway.


The A's are also barely alive mathematically, and will be eliminated soon enough. I agree it would be nice if Seattle beats out either NY or Boston.

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The Black Sox are so friggin' unbelievable. Yasmani Grandal is a lying sack of shit saying he didn't intentionally block the throw home.


Anyone with eyes can see how he wasn't even close to the first-base line and he totally knew what he was doing, which should be illegal.


Now one of their relief pitchers is accusing Houston of stealing signs in the first two games, only because Chicago lost both games. Whiny bitches.

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4 minutes ago, CaliTitan3518 said:

Let’s go Astros!!! tough series for my Giants. Still a great year and shocked everyone with the season we had. It is what it is. Dodgers pay the big bucks for that roster so they should be winning. 


Giants got royally screwed on the last call of the game. I would love to beat the Dodgers again in the World Series to shut those bitches up!

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1 hour ago, rns90 said:

I have nothing against the Dodgers.  But I'm just tired of seeing them in the World Series.  Was rooting for SFG too.    It just kinda sucks that the great (and surprising) season they had came to a halt.

I fucking hate the Dodgers but their success isn’t surprising. They will pay whatever they can to continue to compete but they’ve also developed some young talent to fill out a stacked line up. 

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