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TB has great pitching, but Oakland also had the best bullpen in MLB and the Astros had little problem beating them in 4.   I was far more worried about the Yankees hitters than I am about th

I agree that it won't hurt MLB for the most part. For the most part, nobody is really surprised at what went down. They know people do anything to gain a competitive advantage, and may really just be surprised of how extensive this case of sign stealing really is.


However, watching live, I wondered how in the hell Altuve was sitting on an 84mph offspeed pitch against Chapman, when you almost have to be geared up for 100+. I could see a reactionary slap hit or something, but he was timed up perfectly to smash offspeed. Either he guessed right on a 2-1 pitch, or he knew it was coming.  




He was perfectly squared up; he either knew what was coming, or it was one of the greatest guesses ever. Knowing what's been alleged now, his actions after the homer are highly suspect: from the preoccupation, after hitting an historic home run, of begging his teammates not to rip off his jersey, to leaving the field to change while his teammates celebrate, to his feeble answer to the question of why he asked his teammates not rip off his jersey ("uh, I don't know... um, I'm shy). MLB may not have found the fire, but there seems to be a lot of smoke. 

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23 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:



@Oiler FANatic seems a lot of players are upset. Why would they be if they all do it?


It's kind of insane to see this lackadaisical attitude towards this cheating when baseball is so self-righteous about steroid use. Especially now that the owner and players are acting with a toxic level of defensiveness. 

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On 1/30/2020 at 3:41 PM, rns90 said:

Dusty Baker is the new manager.  I'm kind of pulling for them to win the World Series since Baker has never won one as a manager.  He really should have won the 2002 World Series..but well shit happens.


And maybe the Astros can become the first team to ever win 100 games in four consecutive seasons and shove it down the media's throat!!

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On 7/18/2019 at 11:00 PM, Oiler FANatic said:


So your pathetic excuse that Darvish is playing like shit in Chicago because he's in a tougher division than Cole is complete bullshit. Nice try.


It's sad how Jake got himself banned and we can't make fun of him anymore for all the ridiculous bullshit he spewed around here every day.


Like when he said that Yu Darvish was way better than Gerrit Cole, and it wasn't even close. Then the Yankees sign him to a $324M contract.


Darvish gave up a grand slam today, and the poor Cubbies are still stuck with him for 3 more years after this one. At least they got their ring in 2016.


I don't hope for Cole to enjoy a lot of success in NY, obviously. But I doubt the rest of his career will be as pathetic as what Darvish has shown in Chicago.

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On 1/24/2018 at 2:59 PM, rns90 said:
On 1/23/2018 at 11:22 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

Since you like career numbers....


Career averages


Gerritt Cole 


WAR - 12.2 

WHIP - 1.217

H/9 - 8.6

K/9 - 8.4


Cole has only had 1 season where he averaged at least 9 SO/9. It was 9 even.


197 strikeouts per 162 games


Yu Darvish


WAR - 19.4

WHIP - 1.179

H/9 - 7.3

K-9 - 11


Darvish has only 1 season where he averaged less then 10 SO/9 and it was 9.7.


265 strikeouts per 162 games


Darvish has started at least 29 games 4 times. Cole has only done it twice.


Then you factor in that Cole is NL and Darvish mostly AL. Less runs given up, less hits given up, and a shit ton more stirkeouts while playing in the league that features the DH. Please.


Numbers across the board are superior.


You are silly.


I wonder if there is a single team in MLB that would rather have Darvish for $22M this season instead of Cole for for $36M. :rolleyes:

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4 hours ago, smokeater said:

Offense came to life-got hot at the exact right time and hopefully can stay that way.  Correa is a monster right now.


TB has great pitching, but Oakland also had the best bullpen in MLB and the Astros had little problem beating them in 4.


I was far more worried about the Yankees hitters than I am about the Rays pitchers. Plus the Astros pitchers will be better rested.


If Houston's starters can go at least 5 or 6 innings they'll be in great shape. I hope they go with Framber Valdez in game 1, he has been great.


The fact that there will be no games off will force the Rays to use more than just 2 or 3 of their starters. Houston is better suited for this series.

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