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Senator Denies Climate Change On Senate Floor And Gets A Science Lesson From His Colleague

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9 hours ago, Soxcat said:



"Scientists behind a major study that claimed the Earth’s oceans are warming faster than previously thought now say their work contained inadvertent errors that made their conclusions seem more certain than they actually are."


Also, studies show we do not have more hurricanes or stronger storms than we have had in the past.  Keep sucking on the tit of Al Gore.  He appreciates the contributions. 



That was from a totally different study released months ago. Catch up.


If anything, this new study is nothing more than independent confirmation of facts. Not that you care about the facts...

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An alarming new study shows that ice in Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s, including areas that were thought to be relatively stable and resistant to change.


The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that Antarctic ice melting between 1979 to 2017 raised global sea levels more than 1.4 centimeters and the ice loss is accelerating dramatically — a key indicator of human-caused climate change.


Scientists used aerial photographs, satellite measurements and computer models in 176 individual basins to make the determination.


Since 2009, Antarctica has lost almost 278 billion tons (252 billion metric tons) of ice per year, according to the new study. In the 1980s, it was losing 44 billion tons (40 billion metric tons) a year.

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