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Should Tennessee Eventually Look Into Updating Their Image And Logo


Updating Logo And Uniforms  

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  1. 1. Should Tennessee Eventually Look Into Changing Their Uniforms And Logo?

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I know i recently made a thread about Tampa Bay and their updating of their logo.We have a new regime in place now that represents a clean break from the old Houston one.Now would seem like the perfect time to update our image.The firing of Mike Munchak and the ousting of all but a few of his staff means that there has finally been a clean break from the Houston Oiler's era of the franchise and the team can now start a new identity.


We have been In Nashville now fifteen years and there has not really been one change since they've started.I'm not a big fan of doing it every so often or anything but i do think it would be cool to maybe update some things and give the team a more cooler updated look.


There have been different posters that have made these designs one of them was Mctitan53 with the four helmets at the bottom.Seems like they should eventually get the team to look into it because it could be a good thing to make the logo and uniforms a more refreshed updated look.


I think we could give our helmets a more meaner intimidating touch and i really like the idea of the sword or the flames on the first helmet instead of what everyone calls the flaming thumbtack logo we've had since the beginning.


















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All I really care about is winning! If a logo change would make the Titans SB champs then I would be all for it, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how a logo could stop another team's ground gam

I am a big fan of this.

We need to lose the thumbtack symbol.

I can definitely see it happening within the next few years. Which is fine with me, as long as they do it right. Whatever they end up doing with it won't be liked by 95% of this board though, I'd put money on that.

Not looking forward to having to purchase updated gear though.

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If they're going to do a drastic change to the logo, I'd prefer it was made so the type "TITANS" is featured. If you ask me, a team going for a modern redesign but with retro characteristics (text) is ripe for the picking in the NFL and could be great if done right.


But for most purposes the logo is actually already good - it is mostly made from simple shapes, it is very distinctive and won't be confused with any other logo in pro US sports. The flames are good for an NFL helmet as the helmet tends to lend itself well to logos that 'trail' off, although they are probably the one feature that violates most rules of logo design.


So if you ask me, any redesign first needs to scrap the flames. They are bearable right now but to make them the sole design is definitely hideous, and pretty lame. Also, I'm pretty sure some NFL Europe team did it and that's hard to shake despite being mostly lost to obscurity. The simplest change to the current helmet logo therefore would be to just get rid of them, and maybe change the T font a bit.

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I think the sword logo would be pretty cool if done right.The sword logo is much more intimidating and better looking than the flaming t currently on the helmets.


If asked i bet the majority of the fanbase would like a better updated logo change if it was done right.

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I like our current uniforms and helmets. I don't care for the powder blue uniforms we wear so frequently and am a bigger fan of the navy colors.


I would support us using the navy blue helmet with the same logo we have now out of the choices available.

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