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Found 10 results

  1. Kyrie will not play until he gets vaccinated. This should be required across the league. There is no excuses for a handful of players to run to the union and the union not tell them, "tough luck." Why does the union back such crap? It's not just basketball, we see this is police and teacher unions among others.
  2. There is no question now. Lonzo better than Simmons.
  3. As all basketball enthusiasts know, the NBA has changed the rules of the game. This change was designed principally to stop James Harden from going to the freethrow line. It has. Mission accomplished. Is this fair? The man has spent 12 years developing skills that the NBA simply voided. Is it right for the league to simply target whoever they want if they are just too damned good at it? I know the first reaction will be, Harden is a bum so the rule is good. But think it through and try to forget the fact that you hate Harden.
  4. reo


    Michael Jordan. And just for fun
  5. Well deserved Championship there. I loved that Giannis jokingly demanded a trade at the press conference.
  6. The kids here are probably too young to have heard of it, but the team formerly known as the Redskins was called the Over-the-Hill Gang 50 years ago. Now the Lakers have brought them back here in 2021. Next season LeBron (in December) and Carmelo Anthony will be 37, Ariza and Marc Gasol will be 36, Dwight Howard will also be 36 in December, if they re-sign Jared Dudley he's also 36, Wayne Ellington will be 34 in November, fan-favorite Russell Westbrook will be 33 in November, and Kent Bazemore is only 32. He's just a kid. Despite being so injury-prone, Anthony Davis mus
  7. How are you going to get 3 rebounds off a shot and continue to shoot fucking 3 pointers when a simple jump shot closer to the basket ties the game with France? The modern day NBA can go fuck itself. It's trash and I am ashamed to see the NBA represent the USA now.
  8. All I gotta say is that there is no fucking way the Bucks have a chance. It's just one game on the W/L column but every game before that showed me they cannot string together enough minutes to win multiple series, if any.
  9. This is an exciting series! I welcome these Finals, an oasis of talent, like a famished, thirsty monk crossing the desert which is the NFL offseason. The ESPN top 10 plays have been dismal to say the least lately. The athleticism of OKC & the talent of the Heat continue to collide in one of the most riveting displays of sportsmanship in basketball since the 90's NBA or hell the Fab 5 in Michigan!
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