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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone else been following along? Been excellent basketball for the most part with some crazy upsets. My favorite was Dillon Brooks attaining dumbest motherfucker of the year award in April! The Lakers/GS series is going to be an absolute gem. These two matchup perfectly for an epic series. I think it goes 7.
  2. Ja Morant is extremely difficult to understand. He's making Isaiah Wilson look like a genius of Tennessee professional athletes. Ja could have become that guy to transcend the NBA like MJ. He's got that young, I can do anything energy that few can actually pull off. He's just silly. Ja's a wannabe. I know about being down, cool, ain't changed cause I got paid. But when you get suspended for playing this role, you take the suspension and understand-Grow da Fuck Up! Ja ain't a real badass. He ain't shooting anybody. He's just playing around with Za'nel and nem' he grew up with.
  3. he's so talented, and yet such a loser. how can he be so bad? I know there's stock stuff like "he's not a good teammate" but really, what does that mean? how is he a bad teammate? does he completely slack off on defense? what is the hole in his game on the court?
  4. Kyrie will not play until he gets vaccinated. This should be required across the league. There is no excuses for a handful of players to run to the union and the union not tell them, "tough luck." Why does the union back such crap? It's not just basketball, we see this is police and teacher unions among others.
  5. reo


    Michael Jordan. And just for fun
  6. All I gotta say is that there is no fucking way the Bucks have a chance. It's just one game on the W/L column but every game before that showed me they cannot string together enough minutes to win multiple series, if any.
  7. This is an exciting series! I welcome these Finals, an oasis of talent, like a famished, thirsty monk crossing the desert which is the NFL offseason. The ESPN top 10 plays have been dismal to say the least lately. The athleticism of OKC & the talent of the Heat continue to collide in one of the most riveting displays of sportsmanship in basketball since the 90's NBA or hell the Fab 5 in Michigan!
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