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Found 1 result

  1. Updates from the to-do tasks from the main thread (Strike-through text denotes task has been completed.): Restore speed and stability Move back off of Cloudflare Purchase DDoS protection from someone like Sucuri. I'm open to suggestions. Currently trying to fund this, but I will do something about it regardless of whether or not it gets funded Recreate old caching rules (for Litespeed server) Audit of everything on the server and all processes to see if there are anymore potential offenders Change the behavior of clicking on a thread title to go to the first unread post. Modify the reactions/likes to be more reflective of the forum's culture. Work on the mobile version to improve the experience and appearance there. Visual improvement and polishing of the website throughout. Bringing some of the new features out. Will do this over the coming weeks to allow for documentation and evaluation to improve adoption. Other notes: Visual improvements/polishing have happened in large part but it will be an ongoing process. Podcast feed has been restored. It was unintentionally down. I have also added a Paypal option for donations in addition to the Patreon option. Of course, I am open to any suggestions that you think might improve this place. Shoot them to me privately or on here. Thank you to the following members who have donated towards keeping this community going and developed without ads for anyone who registers and is signed in: Oilertattoo pea***[email protected] (please e-mail me your screen name) Downtown OzTitan Chef FRT Btowner 8MM ManningEnvy thecuz1 CTM Titan Legend Starkiller freakingeek SoylentGreen jcuz SupDawg TitanLegend heyitsmeallen prometheus begooode nashtrashrocker