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Found 5 results

  1. @titanthakur is actually taking time out of his day to go through all my old posts and flip me off. Not sure why.. guess he's a little bitch? I feel honored that someone would spend their whole day doing this.
  2. I find it sad how the Government has been able to dumb down the curriculum and it's citizens. I feel like the Government has way to much power over the curriculum. I remember the proficiency test became popular when I was in Elementary. I remember teachers ending their lessons to get us prepared to take this test in 9th grade. I was in High school & remember Bush implementing no child left behind for the younger generation. I was in 4th grade when teachers began preparing us to take the test. It wasn't even a real test obviously, but they spend a chunk of time just teachin
  3. Possible at least one TR poster has gone up in flames since the fires started out in Cali. Recent reports have eyewitnesses saying they heard a couple Tesla batteries exploding last night, which means we may have lost @abenjami to da flames! Maybe it was one of his neighbors instead? Let's see if he responds to this dreaded fake news report!
  4. Earlier this year I posted this thread: Thought it was worth noting that my friend is out of our house. Since that trip to the hospital, she straightened herself out. Cut out the alcohol. Weekly therapist calls. Daily exercise. Dieting. She started volunteering at different organizations in the city helping folks out. And she got herself a sweet deal on a rent controlled apartment in Manhattan, and has moved out. Not the drama that makes for great internet reading but a nice ending to that chapter.
  5. Unfortunately my Husband has contracted Covid19 some how, and he was already battling gout. Hence his absence from the board. Please pray for him. 🙏🏻
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