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Found 1 result

  1. People have questions about Mariota. I am going to explain some things that you haven't heard, but will soon see posters saying like they thought it up on their own in about 7-9 months. Why Mariota doesn't just throw the ball up downfield and let Davis make a play or some other receiver. First, you have to think why would that even be a question for a 4th season NFL QB. That is how NFL football is played. Any 4th year would use a big receiver like Davis to go up and get balls. It's because Mariota is a Thinker®. When he sees a receiver NFL open downfield, he has to take time to think about the throw. How far? Where will the receiver be when the ball gets there? By the time Mariota thinks it through, that play is gone. It's a natural gift NFL QBs have, they can see a play, see where it's going, while winding up throwing the ball and just throw it. Mariota's a thinker®. He has to think it out before winding up. This is why many of his ball look like he's trying to guide it. This is also why his yac numbers are so low. He sees a target 15 yards downfield. He has to try to think how he will throw the ball and where the defense is located. Then when he throws it, the defense is there to make the tackle. No yac. A NFL QB just throws the ball, all that clicks in his mind without him trying to think about. They have done it enough, their mental and muscle memory takes over. They just throw. Mariota has to aim it. He's a thinker®. I have copyrighted Thinker® Thanker® Thanked' up®
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