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Found 1 result

  1. COACHING Couldn't ask for a much better response to last week and their injury situation. Any win is a good job, but this felt especially good. Vrabel does indeed have balls. Nice, big, hairy balls. OFFENSE Good overall plan to keep things conservative, even with the call to go for it twice. Awesome trick play to get the touchdown. Running game wasn't nearly as effective as you'd hope during the course of the game, but it wasn't detrimental so that's a positive in and of itself. But we got chunks when it counted. Passing game was a play-keep-away game-management effort. Obvious they didn't want Gabbert throwing all over the yard. For the most part Gabbert seemed to play within himself and didn't try to do more than he's capable of, which isn't much to begin with. But he followed the blueprint so good on him. Also, I don't know if he knew tossing the ball out of bounds would result in fewer lost yards, but if he did... awesome. Having said that, if it's not painfully obvious via this game how necessary Mariota is then there's not much more brain power I'm going to waste trying to talk to you. Gabbert is barely a relief pitcher. Granted, we needed the relief today big time. Side bar... Corey Davis needs to learn how to secure the motherfucking ball. Jesus... he almost single-handedly destroyed that game-winning drive. DEFENSE They were hyped early in the game. Pretty encouraging effort from them, at least early in the game. Bent in places, but didn't break and closed the Texans down when it counted. Good play AJax in the first half and congrats on the INT. Seemed like we kept good pressure on Watson for most of the game. Jurell Casey seemed like he was all over the place. Pressure couldn't get there on the Hopkins touchdown, but that was the only real gaffe in an otherwise good effort. The 2nd half was a different story. It's not necessarily that the defense played badly, but the Texans adjusted and were helped by an overall toothless offense that couldn't really move the ball effectively as the game wore on. You can only keep a team down for so long before they start taking chunks out of you. If the offense could have moved the ball and at least got themselves some field goal opportunities maybe things play out a little better and we don't need the nail-biting, curse-inducing game winning drive at the end. OFFICIATING -Bullshit pass interference early in the game -Bullshit intentional grounding? Gabbert was out of the pocket and outside the hash? -Had some issues with spotting the ball that makes me think they might be going blind. -Didn't like the sack no-call in the 3rd quarter. Watson seemed to be in the grass and going nowhere, yet he's still allowed to throw it away late in the sack? Smelled like bullshit. Overall the officiating was better, but there's still plenty of room for improvement from the league. --- So, in short: boss job by Vrabel and staff, I'm thrilled with the win, encouraged by the defense, and Gabbert, while effectual enough, showed just how much we need Marcus.