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Found 1 result

  1. I come here daily year round. We keep up with what's happening with the team and share opinions about the coming season. We had some good opinions about the coming season and a highly positive outlook. Our assessment of the team was very accurate. Solid Playoff Contender. We lost Delaine first game, but this team was as good as we figured. Matthews, Cyprien, Big Jack not being able to start the season and a lot of other injuries pretty much shattered what we thought would happen, but we were dead on in our talent appraisals. We got along pretty good. Then the season starts. Posters start sharing different opinions, it's always been like that around here. What we did not have was all the GD TROLLS. Now, you can have an idea about the team, lay out why, then a bunch of trolls fuck up any discussion. It starts cyber-fights between what had been peaceful posters. Before the season, I had exactly one enemy. Now, every post is attacked by posters who you never saw before the season started. They never started a thread before September. They never replied to any posts about anything. Now, they have a thousand post count. We end up fighting among ourselves because of outside agitators. There was some talk about having a forum for regulars posters. I suggest that next offseason we set it up. @TitansGuru can help please by weeding out sock puppets, except @ManningEnvy.. Here's to a better tomorrow. We can fight among ourselves, without the TROLLS.