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Found 3 results

  1. Football Game [email protected] I think the Browns will stomp the Jets. 6-0 Cleveland 1st Qtr.
  2. So I just learned the AAF's inaugural season starts tonight. I knew the new league was coming but haven't followed it at all; I didn't realize it's already here. The ten-week season starts tonight and ends in April. Some notable rule changes No kickoffs. Offenses start at the 25-yard line. No PAT kicks. Teams must run or pass for a PAT. No onside kicks. After a TD, the trailing team has the option of attempting to convert 4th & 12 from their own 28. Replays will be decided by the booth, not the on-field officials. Defenses can only rush five defenders and can only rush down linemen and linebackers. No safety or corner blitzes. I'm not expecting a great product, but I find it intriguing....and I like the idea of having most players assigned regionally based on college or previous NFL experience. It seems like they're trying to fill the gap left behind by the demise of NFL Europe....a better and more lucrative development league for players who have talent but weren't quite NFL-ready. I wish them luck.
  3. The Super Bowl is an annual big event for me. This year, I am not really excited at all. Some may think it's the obvious mismatch of the teams/QBs, but that's not it. We were in the hunt. We got to play two games. We're out and I'm no longer interested. It's great to have that feeling again. We are again relevant and on the rise. If we hired a new strength and conditioning coach, I would cut the SB off to watch the press conference. GO TITANS!!