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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure this is probably already posted on page 367 of one of this week's threads, but I thought it deserved it's own so here you go. Fuck you to any mod who merges this, JK. I saw today on the news that Capitol tours ceased back in March, and did not resume until randomly one day right before the Trump-led insurgence. I feel like this is the most damning evidence of all and should be discussed in depth.
  2. Seriously? Where do you find them? They don't seem to have any kind of real online presence. I see MAGA crazies all over the place. I know some of them on Facebook. I've seen people I know post-Qanon type bullshit, and I know that it is or at least was all over various social media platforms. But I got nothing on Antifa. They seem like my kind of people and I would actually like to join, but they seem pretty recluse for a massive terrorist organization. I went to a BLM protest this summer, but I didn't see any. At the very least I couldn't tell who was who. Didn't see anybody wearing masks
  3. We have three days of American tragedy. 1. Pearl Harbor 2. 9/11 3. Jan 6 In all cases, tragedy for the USA and in all cases the events against America those days are worthy of nothing but the highest condemnation. However, in the case of Jan 6. Americans did it to themselves and that is very different than the other two events. To me, this makes the events of yesterday the greater shame. Before we had enemies foreign and yesterday the enemies were domestic. I pray that America moves forward stronger, even if finding our way out of the woods
  4. The GOP cannot abandon Trump at this point. The cult has drunk the kool-aid and there's no turning back. If they try to distance themselves from Trump, the voting base turns on them and/or won't show up. Every Republican politician will have to kiss Trump's ring out of sheer political survival. If something happens to Trump, they will have to kiss the ring of Ivanka or Donald Junior. And so on and so forth. Until the end of time. Welcome to Hell, Republicans. Don't worry, I hear submission and humiliation gets easier near the end of infinity.
  5. patsplat

    Squirrel Cop

    A light hearted story showing how easily cops can get in over their head: The first day inevitably means mistakes, mishaps, fiascos. A true story, told by a former rookie cop. https://www.thisamericanlife.org/115/first-day/act-two-0
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