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Found 5 results

  1. I have to be honest, I just recently decided to focus on my financial health. I've been a pay for everything with cash type of man since my high school days. With Covid going on I decided to teach myself new things and learned how to fix things around the house. My finances is 1 thing. I've been reading, researching and watching financial videos. I'm currently working on a career move and also focusing on a retirement plan already. Years back when I lived in Houston Texas I went to get a car & the guy said I didn't really have bad credit (Just a low score) I just d
  2. So I'm in the market to buy a pc. I don't plan on buying any prebuilt systems. I mainly plan on streaming and gaming. I've been pricing different builds on various websites including newegg. Pcpartspicker, and a few others. Any advice on what to get? I think $1800 is the ceiling of what I'm willing to spend but would like to keep it around $1300 if possible. I prefer AMD to Intel and nvidia to radeon but I am open to suggestions. Generally building with 32gb of ram. 570 chipset motherboard. AMD 7 3700, etc. I welcome your inpu
  3. This is a multi-family league with a perpetual trophy and a lot of bragging rights. 10 teams, standard scoring. Should I start: Jarvis Landry, JK Dobbins, or Latavius Murray in the flex? Pic below for other options. I'm currently projected to be 3 pts shy of a win. Here's my bench and starting rotation. If you're curious, I drafted 5th.
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