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Found 7 results

  1. Over the years I've lost alot of interest in the NBA. It just seems like players don't develop and get better anymore. Jimmy Butler is the only exception. It just seems like alot of players with alot of potential just seem to hit a wall. John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Hayward, Jaylen Brown etc etc. Even Russell Westbrooks game hasn't really evolved. To me the NBA is full of superstar role players instead of alpha dog superstars. I just can't get into the NBA because the players just don't seem to develop into great players anymore.
  2. reo


    Michael Jordan. And just for fun
  3. React here and celebrate this historic championship (or bitch about it). Love the Lakers or hate them, this bubble run was compelling even if there were more uninteresting games than interesting ones. As a LeBron fan, to see him lead 3 different franchises to titles is incredible. 3 Finals MVPs as well. Phenomenal. A lot of credit to the Heat. I think Eric Spoelstra is the most underrated coach in the game. I love the young talent--you have to like that future and that the young guys are buying into what Jimmy is selling. This will also be fun to think ab
  4. All I gotta say is that there is no fucking way the Bucks have a chance. It's just one game on the W/L column but every game before that showed me they cannot string together enough minutes to win multiple series, if any.
  5. This is an exciting series! I welcome these Finals, an oasis of talent, like a famished, thirsty monk crossing the desert which is the NFL offseason. The ESPN top 10 plays have been dismal to say the least lately. The athleticism of OKC & the talent of the Heat continue to collide in one of the most riveting displays of sportsmanship in basketball since the 90's NBA or hell the Fab 5 in Michigan!
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