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  1. This is where it's at. Reforming this process will help protect our democracy from demagogues, and with McConnell publicly on board it is very possible to get it done.
  2. Number9


    America took the slave's language from them by putting the death penalty on them for speaking it. That is a horrible thing to do to a race of people. You destroy their heritage. What kind of people would do this other human beings? Everybody, all Americans agreed to this crime against humanity? 200 years enduring the most savage slavery in the history of mankind. Get freed. Given citizenship for hundreds of years of free labor. Labor that made America rich by shipping cotton to Europe and other places. Amazon is battling to keep unions from forming inside their company. The company has over a million workers. Imagine if all those workers worked 12 hours a day for scrap food, 12 hours a day, housed in shacks, being whipped by sadistic people and get no pay. Reparations? I have always said forget that. But why come burn down and destroy what the black people built up from $0.00 to the little bit they built after slavery. Now, you want to stick us in the middle of your GD politics again. Enough is enough. Leave us the fuck out of the debate.
  3. Well now I’m eating my words.
  4. Highlights from the clip for those that don't want to watch. - This is now the third indictment against the genesis of the Russia collusion scandal which has been pinpointed as a DNC hitjob. The first indictment, which led to a guilty plea, was of an FBI lawyer who admitted that they lied to the court in order to obtain surveillance against the Trump campaign (READ: spied illegally on a political campaign on the reigning political party's behalf) The second indictment (which I posted before to the chagrin of many on this board) was last month when Hillary Clinton's lawyer was indicted for planting false stories in the media about the Trump campaign and Russia. - The third indictment (now) has now proved what any sane person knew years ago: the Steele dossier was a gigantic sham; fabricated by a british intelligence agent in collusion with Clinton operatives. For those that need a brief history lesson, because a lot has happened in 4 years, the Steele dossier gave birth to the entire climate in which Robert Mueller was appointed and all of the "journalism" began around the incredibly demented (and now proven fabricated and false) story that the Kremlin had leverage over Donald Trump and was using it to infiltrate and control the levers of the US. If this sounds like a bad plot to a Tom Clancy novel or a knockoff to the Manchurian Candidate that no one in their right mind could believe based on the incredible lack of evidence, well many Americans did believe it (perhaps those who are going to be upset by this post). And now it's been proven completely false. Other things of note: - Journalism in the US during the trump collusion = the McCarthyite script of the 1950s - We should have known better that the media would lie to us. The media admitted they misled the American public in the lead up to the Iraq war due to the inconclusive reports obtained from the administration at the time (which was Republican). They have now been duped a second time by a different administration (Democrat) except this time they aren't owing up to it. - The reason they don't own up to it is because Trump=bad. And to report on anything that would be positive to Trump would endanger their standings with their audience.
  5. This makes no sense, is absurd, and is more political self-owning by liberals. Sorry if this has been addressed in another thread already.
  6. Hmmn. I just finished a piece of Key Lime pie. The world's really good for me. I live in America. We consume 25% of the world's resources and we are only five percent of the world's population. We are all living good. The United States has a good setup for us. We have police stationed around the world, ships in the water and all kinda things up in the air-To Keep Us Safe. I've always been on here an advocate for closing the southern border. Jobs. Food. Self worth. In the 80's I used to see Americans in Nashville doing all the home construction. I didn't date when it happened, but today all the crews are from south of the border. Number9, you bigot! No, you will see the same thing if you look. Now this group of American men have to find different employment. Go to school. For many of these men that means finishing HS. This set of Americans are not our bestest and our brightest. But they deserve Jobs. Food. Self worth. I've always felt this way, but if I examine the above with enough people coming in am I ready to give up some of what I got? Hell No!! Right now, I sitting in a room that stays comfortable year round. The United States government laid power lines all over this country so we could enjoy creature comforts that a large percentage of the world will never see. I have rooms in my home that are larger than homes people around the world live in, with no HVAC. What am I willing to give up so they can have a tiny bit more. My living room? The bathroom? Kitchen? We got and keep as this shit because we are powerful. So, I am standing up for own mine. The earth is getting more and more difficult to live on. Starvation is rising because climate change is taking away the water supply. There will not be less people trying to come here, there will be multiples more. I think we all understand this, but politics is playing a game that could really hurt us as a people.
  7. No joke, WTF is it? I have taken the time to read the definitions that are available, I have heard it spoken to daily for months. I, like most here are far more aware of such things than the average American. But for the life of me, in micro, I have no clue what this is. Is this a course in addition to history and sociology and algebra that will be taught? And if so, what specifically will be taught? Is this the insertion of a perspective into existing courses? If so, what specifically will be inserted. The Dems lost the governorship of Virginia to no small degree do to this but I know damned well pro and anti people have no clue what it actually means. Can someone enlighten us? Perhaps @LongTimeFan can answer, afterall he knows what Carlson and Hannity has told them.
  8. If the supply chain doomsday scenario fails to materialize, what's gonna be the next faux crisis targeted at Democrats prior to midterms?
  9. This is the big piece of legislation that is going to the consume the policy debate over the coming months, so making a thread for it. Personally, I think any new legislation needs to be fully paid for, and I think most agree - so the questions are the pay-for methods, defining what is infrastructure, and the overall price tag. Update:
  10. SCOTUS issued no ruling on this before the law went into effect. (There's that 2016 election, again...)
  11. In recent days, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told associates that he is considering leaving the Democratic Party if President Joe Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill do not agree to his demand to cut the size of the social infrastructure bill from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, according to people who have heard Manchin discuss this. Manchin has said that if this were to happen, he would declare himself an “American Independent.” And he has devised a detailed exit strategy for his departure. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/10/senator-joe-manchin-democratic-party-exit-plan-biden-infrastructure-deal-exclusive/ Lot of hard lessons are about to be learned about leverage.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/game-theory-explains-why-aoc-213700255.html I've said it before but I believe the Democratic Party's fear and refusal to embrace the progressives in their midst is not only obnoxious and a further sign that they're more center than left ... it's just hubristically bad politics. They'll try and blame progressives but this is a reneg by the centrists and the only appropriate response is for progressives to stand up to it. It's a centrist-made problem and a centrist betrayal of progressives. But they'll try and twist it.
  13. Cutting off the Keystone I think is a huge mistake. First, 11,000 jobs killed with a stroke of a pen. More than 3 or 4 times that many jobs that supported those workers, devasted or will be gone soon. For what reason? They say these workers can go make solar panels. Come on, people aren't that stupid. You will say the pipeline hurts the environment, but Canada is going to move that oil and will sell it to others. Or it will come by rail or truck, which hurts the environment more. What about the price of gas? Its about $1.96 around here. Whats it going to be like in a year? What about the gas tax Pete B is talking about. Isn't that a tax hike that hits the middle class? I heard that almost 50% of New Mexico revenue comes from natural gas on federal lands. What's that going to do to their economy? I am all for moving to renewable energy. But renewable technology is not at a place that it can replace oil and gas right now. I hope it does someday. Thats what the free market is for. When renewables are better and more cost effective, they will naturally dry up the oil and gas industry. Until then, this is stupidity and the government trying to pick winners and losers.
  14. https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-qanon-79dd03a6dc497d6157304f8045f12cef On Wednesday, as it became obvious that Biden’s inauguration would proceed, many QAnon message boards and online groups were bombarded by hecklers and trolls making fun of the conspiracy. Some longtime QAnon posters said they planned to step away from social media, if only temporarily. “Trump has said, ‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME.’ I’m not giving up,” Telegram user Qtah wrote in an announcement to his 30,000 subscribers that he was taking a social media break. Some groups seized the moment to try to recruit disillusioned QAnon supporters to white supremacy and other far-right neofascist movements like the Proud Boys. On Wednesday, for example, an anonymous poster on 4chan posited in a thread that “this would be the perfect time to start posting Nat Soc propaganda in Q anon groups. Clearly, this is a very low point for Q believers, and once people have been broken, they will look for ways to cling back to hope again.” Nat Soc stands for national socialism, commonly referred to as Nazism.
  15. Note that this tweet is from the comms director of the NRCC. The movement is staggeringly unpopular (only 18% in favor)
  16. Figured this could use its own thread moving forward
  17. Will use this thread to post updates related to DoD policy changes/strategy/general large scale military movements, etc.
  18. tgo

    2022 Elections

    Bet Abrams runs in Georgia too.
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